Help HK AVR 525 or HK DPR 1001


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I need help deciding on which one to get....what are the advantages of one over another besides the power the digital path really that much of a difference? Please help...Thanks

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Jeffery: there's an old archived thread on the H/K DPR "Digital Path Receiver" somewhere around here.

The concensus has been that if you need a low profile receiver and are not too concerned with music fidelity (quality of the audio), then the DPR may be for you. Again, it offers a low profile and runs cooler than its cousins.

The major difference is that the DPRs are using what's known as Class D amplfication. The amplification of the audio is done entirely in the digital domain and is too much to try to explain here. The main problem with Class D is that they are not that good yet and have higher total harmonic distortion percentages compared to some of the more modern amplifiers.

The DPRs certainly look slick and cool -- if I'm allowed the use those words. The industry just hasn't received them very well. That's why H/K -- and other vendors -- have reduced the price on them to liquidate their inventories. They'll get better in the future and you'll see more of them, but today's models do not compare pound-for-pound with the Class A, B, A/B amplifiers.

You'll find some people who like the sound of the DPR and some who don't. You have to hear it for yourself.

If I had to chose, and I already did, it would be the H/K AVR-525. Remember though, the H/K AVR-525 is no small reciever. It's 41 pounds and quite a large receiver (and is has a nonstandard depth of 17").

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According to the manual it's 44 lbs. :-)

The AVR-325 is 40 lbs.

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Peter: thanks... I should know!

Jeffery: I forgot to mention that at 2004 CES, Harman Kardon unveiled two new models of the DPR... the DPR 2005 and 1005. It's not so much an abandoned technology. Other high tech manufacturers are using Class D amplification in their higher end equipment as well.

The new H/K DPR 1005 and 2005 still have a THD (Total Harmonic Distortion) of 0.15% at rated power. Not to shabby... but not that great. Most of the Class D amplifiers that came out years ago were at 2.8%-4%... which was utterly bad.

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The digital amps are improving. Digital amps have been used for years in lots of small components with low power needs. They have the advantage of running cool and as we all know--HEAT is the enemy of electronics.

I would still wait a couple of years before i invested in digital receivers. There are about 3 companies that are supplying these amplifiers and they are rapidly improving.

Sony released a top of the line digital amp receiver at $4500. I'd like to see a reputable review.

But I'd wait a couple of years until the best of that technology works its way down to the sub $1,000 level, rather than the more compromised technology that is in that are now.

Ultimately it is very likely that we will mainly see digital amps in most every receiver and amplifier we buy--except for tube tweaks.

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I would wait a couple years on the digi amps as well. For the same reasons as above.
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