Marantz with mission vs nad with psb


considering it for HT and music too but mainly HT, what would be a better chioce. the mission speakers like the new m3s and 5s series also the volare too. the psb looking at the alfa series. which would be a good match. thankyou

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Not a fair comparison, IMO. I think the Mission Volare series is a big step up from the PSB Alphas, which is a "budget" speaker. I think it becomes a much closer call with the PSB Image series, which is not much more money than the Alphas.

let say we get all the series out and only look at mission vs maranz vs psb to nads. are we still able to compare. thanks

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I can't speak to the Mission/Marantz combo as I have never heard them together, but I own an NAD T762 and PSB Image series speakers and the combo is absolutely wonderful. The sound is very detailed and inviting. PSB and NAD are owned by the same parent company and I feel that they really match up well. NAD is known for being very detailed, and the PSB speakers bring out that detail even more. Hawk said, I think if you are going to go with PSB, especially with the power of NAD, you need to look at the Image series. You will definately hear an improvement in sound with the Image (compared to the Alpha) and the Image line really doesn't cost that much more.

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I have the MISSION m35's with Denon AVR 1804. They sound awsome in this combo. It is like they where made for each other. If you like bass i would say missions.
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