Obtained broken turntable, trying to fix. Please help!!


I've been looking for a turntable to play an album that my cousin's band recorded (they only recorded onto vinyl). I found an old one in storage but when I tried to play it, I realized that the table did not spin. Upon taking it apart, I discovered that there is a gear attached to the motor that connects with the table by a rubber o-ring. This rubber ring was broken and disintegrated upon touch. I'm not sure where to locate a replacement ring, so I thought I would look for advice here. Is there any certain material o-ring I should look for? Is my most important aspect here the thickness and diameter of the old ring? I'm sure this plays a big part in the table speed. Please help me fix this!!

http://www.lpgear.com/Merchant2/merchant.mvc?Screen=CTGY&Store_Code=LG&Category_ Code=R

can sell you some belts, and sometimes local specialty stores or radioshack will sell them
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