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Today I went to Cherry Creek Audio...
Where you can purchase the NAD 753 for ~900. I just wanted to do a lil listening. I had the salesman hook this reciever up to Magnepan MG12s for the fronts, CC3 for center, and MC1 for the rears. Heres my impression of this system.. It did sound really wonderful on music such as dark side of the moon. Even without the sub connected (an REL) it sounded very full. However when you stand or move vertically the sound definetely loses its quality. The salesman said the only one that doesnt do that is the top of the line one. That kind of annoyed me that standing up made the sound nearly flat. We then put in a copy of Star Wars and went to the pod race scene to hear the surround stuff. The sound was very crisp and very accurate. I think the best part of the system was the surround speakers, the way the sound was coming out of these was incredible. However, I honestly still feel my 45tx with my monitor audio S8s sounds better overall. My whole setup just sounds more musical IMO... The NAD 753 is a wonderful reciever that was putting out a great sound and had tons of power. I LOVED the controls on the remote for the different channel levels. But just in overall sound I felt my system was a bit more warm sounding and feels (to me) more like its all around you like you can touch the sound.
Anyway just thought Id post my opinion of some really great audio equipment.

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Thanks sgtpeper. Your post really helps people like me who are finalising the choices. Have pretty much made up my mind to go with either the T753 or 763 with B&W DM 309 front and DM 303 surrounds.

By the way, good choice of music. Best album ever in my opinion.
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