Nad 541i VS. Rotel rcd 02 VS. Marantz cd 6000 KI


can anyone help.
best cd player under 500$ ?


rotel's cd players sounds strange for me, i am the lucky owner of NAD 541i...
which amp you plan to use together with this cd ?

hi peter,

I own Onkyo 600sr reciver with Kef Q65.2 speakers.
I'm thinking of apgrading to Denon 3803 or Pioneer Elite 45/2011.


I would seriously consider locating the Rotel 991 used. They can be had for $500-$600 on eBay or Audiogon. This was Rotel's high end unit w/ adjustable dither and both balanced and unbalanced outs. In my opinion, it's at least a notch above NAD's 541.

if you want to gain most of your cd player (doesn't matter which) please consider to change your AV receiver with serious stereo amplifier...

your speakers however are very good choice...

thanks for the help .

Iain M
If you're looking at getting a new amp I highly recommend the NAD C370 ... What a wonderful piece of equipment! I've got it twinned with a NAD 541i CD Player. You can't go wrong.


The best cd under $1500 is ah. products at It has tubes giving it a warm sound.

Harry T
I am in a similiar situation, and looking add upgrading my old Denon multi-disc CD player.

Speakers are B&W DM602S3, DM601S3, & LCR60S3.
Sub REL Q150E
DVD Pioneer DV655A
Receiver Harmon Kardon AVR4500

The DVD player gives much better sonic performance than the multi-disc CD player, and I believe a stand alone CD player would offer better performance than the DVD.

My initial choice of CD players include the 3 listed in the topic, plus the Arcam DiVa CD62T.

The speakers can justify a CD player in this price range, but can the AV-receiver. Should I sets my sights lower on the CD player (NAD C521i or lower spec Marantz) or get one of the above CD players, or get the above CD player plus dedicated stereo amp (something like the HK 670)

I would appreciate your comments.


Denons are not bad - especially model 370 and up. NAD 521 might not be a noticiable improvement. If you wanted to upgrade, you might try ah. 4000 cd player at, or california lab stuff at
In short, you would have to jump to a higher level Cd player, to notice an improvement.
If you are sirous about music listening, I would add a stereo amp to it. NAD 320bee (about $399.95) might be what you need. Surround sound receivers don't do music so well.

Skippy D
I replaced a Denon 370 with an NAD 521i and there's definitely a noticable improvement. To my ear , the 541i sounds marginally better and has HDCD decoding capability. I would agree that to do music right , you need a good stereo amp . Integrated amps like the NAD C350 and C320BEE are good sound values . I personally like the 541i better than comparable Arcam or Rotel units that I've heard but...they all seem to have a different sonic signature so it's pretty subjective.

try looking online for the MusicHall, it can be had for about 525 from Decibel audio s website. It will outperform most others in this price range.

Hi can anyone tell me if they have the experience with a rotal RB1070 poweramp and a NAD C160 preamp combination

harry t
Thanks Anon and SkippyD.

Online is not really an option as I am in Australia. I know that a dedicated stereo amp would be the way to go, but I am dubious to mixing amp configuration or speaker switch boxes.

I think I am going to have to find a friendly dealer who will allow me to audition them in my home.


James Sakey
Harry T - I am in Australia as well (Sydney) and have recently upgraded to the NAD541i/NAD 370 combo with Audio Physic Yara floorstanding speakers. Everyone who listens is impressed by the outcome. It outperforms systems costing 2-3 times as much.

Nick Black
Hey James S...I am in Sydney and am looking at getting a NAD CD and Amp....Do you mind telling how much you paid and where u bought yours from?

if you are looking for a cracking system try the nad c320bee with the nad 521bee cd player also add a pair of quad 11L speakers and you will have a stunning audio system also add a vidiologic drx-701bs highend audio for not a lot of cash wonderfull .

I have a NAD C350 and will be grabbing a NAD 541i I've got the Quad 21Ls and honestly after auditioning this line of speakers vs Paradigm Studio Reference & B&W 6xx you can't go wrong!

Nick Black add to my previous message of 2 weeks ago,I ended up getting a NAD 320bee and 542 cd player..the 541i isnt current now.I also got the 422 tuner.When I put it all together with my B&W 602s2 which i already had,It sounded so much better than the system i was using before(kenwood 8090,Pioneer dv525).
When I was in the shop I insisted on checking out the Remote control because my previous amp(kenwood 8090)had a control which was near impossible to use.Anyway,the remote the sales guy showed me was really good(an SR4),but the one which ended up being packaged with the 320bee was an SR5,and it was totally crap.Same went for the remote included with the 542 cd player(CD6).Whats the story with NADs new remotes?They look and feel like kids toys.
I took it back to the shop(Sound & Vision Bondi Junction)and the sales guy(Phillipe)was quite helpfull and exchanged it immediately.
Im happy no

Wayne Paul,

I recently bought NAD C320BEE and pair it with Monitor Audio Bronze B2. Currently waiting for my NAD C521BEE.

What do you mean by vidiologic drx-701bs highend audio ? Is it speaker cable or other equipment ? Currently I am using taralabs speaker cable but I forgot the type

Please comments

Unregistered guest
does anyone know how i can collect hifi equiptment ordered from the now closed Sound and Vision store in Bondi Junction as i have paid over $5000 for it and wasnt contacted about it closing. Can the manager Philipe, Justin the salesman or anyone help PLEASE. thank you.

Could anyone tell me is there is any significant difference between the quality of sound produced with the rotel RCD02 cd player versus the RCDV 1072 rotel cd player-

Could anyone tell me is there is any significant difference between the quality of sound produced with the rotel RCD02 cd player versus the RCDV 1072 rotel cd player-

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The RCD 1072 and RCD02 have identical guts in a different case. Same transfport, DAC, etc... should not be discernible difference in audio performance.

I've had my RCD 1070 for a month now and must admit every time I listen to it I have to realise the detail, clarity, definition and rich hermonic this unit generates. Last night I was listening to PF - DSOM ... and track 3 (Time) with all the clocks going nuts sounded so life like ... it was a real pleasure.

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Beyond the RCD02 the RCD-1072 adds second Burr Brown PCM 1732 DAC,for dual differential.Beefed up and segmented power supply with a large 'toroidal transformer'.Higher quality rectifiers,tighter voltage regulation, low ESR storage caps.upgraded output with 2 Burr Brown OPA2277PA Op Amps.


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In the light of that which vapors has commented would suggest potentially a very significant sonic improvement!
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