Onkyo SR600: HELP w/ Digital vs Pro Logic 2 playback


First off: I'm a bit of a newbie when it comes to the digital home theater age, so forgive my ignorance a bit. I recently purchased the Onkyo SR600. I've connected a PS2 to Video 4, a DVD player to the DVD input and a CD player to the CD input. ALL conections are with optical digital cables only. In the setup menu I had to change the DVD's input from component to Optical 2, but the other connections are correct in their default modes so I didn't have to fool with them. Also in the Input Setup mode, I've set the Digital Format to "ALL" and Digital Format Source to "Surround".
Now here's the problem: I NEVER GET DIGITAL PLAYBACK. The display constantly reads "PCM PRO LOGIC II". I've read similar posts in this forum dealing with the same problem and the responses are usually to select DD or DTS playback from the DVD player or to switch the Digital Out function on the PS2. I've done these and STILL only Pro Logic 2. As for the CD player, it too only outputs PCM, no DD.
What the heck am I doing wrong??? And what the heck is PCM mean anyway?? I know it's Pulse Code Modulation, but is it the same as Dolby Digital?

In your DVD setup you need to set to PCM/Stream istead of DOLBY

I think what you are doing is right. If you are connecting those things by optical cables the information is transmited as its supposed to be. If pro logic 2 is transmitted over optical cables, thats what you get. If DTS is transmitted thats what u get etc.

So in a way, you are getting PCM PRO LOGIC 2 in digital... You will only get surround if say your DVD player or PS2 is outputting surround. I really don't think that the CD player or the PS2 can actually output surround so I wouldn't worry.

Greg Lee
As Darrell says, change the setting for output format. Except the name of the setting you want is "bitstream" on my DVD player.

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