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Message primarily addressed to varney, since I cannot recall the original thread:

What Hi Fi Feb 2005 has a review of the cambridge 540p MM phono pre-amp, and gave it thumbs up. Their comments are consistent with my findings using it through the NAD 352 I still havent heard the NAD PP2 stage, but thats probably comparable sonically.

Amusingly, there is a £300-£350 speaker test, and this month NAD is the star system to go with it (last month it was the cambridge azur amp and cdp). I get the impression that there is pretty poor editorial control; so caveat emptor.

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Haha! Yes, it would appear so.

Thanks for the info, Ca_, but I've decided to eradicate the Cambridge gear from the system, nay the entire house. I was thinking of selling it, but partnered with the Gale Monitors, it'll make a nice starter system for my dad.

As far as phono stages are concerned, both my NADs have them and work very well for me. I am saving for either a bigger NAD (C352) or getting started with valves for the hell of it. If I do go for a C352, I would probably get the NAD stage to go with it.

Reading an earlier thread, where we discover the real source of the name: "ca_convert" I'm getting the impression from a lot of people the CA brand are losing it somewhat with their customers. My theory is the core design philosphy has changed since opening the Chinese plant, although to read what they say about their toroids and their outlook in the paperwork which accompanies one, you wouldn't think it.


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Well it would be too confusing to change my log in name to something new...

Nothing wrong with the azur equipment, I just prefer the NAD sound and build quality.
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