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Hello, I have just purchased a Denon DVD2900 to use for DVD movies, as well as multichannel SACD and DVD-Audio listening. I have several questions and if anyone can help me I would be eternally grateful. I am hooking the DVD2900 to an Aragon Soundstage processor. It has digital Toslink inputs and a 6-channel analog input. Am I correct in assuming that I can hook up a digital optical cable for Dolby Digital and DTS simultaneously with the 6 analog RCA cables for SACD and DVD-Audio?? The instruction manual for the Soundstage says "a six-channel analog input is provided for direct connection of DVD players with built-in decoders". Does the DVD2900 qualify? The Soundstage manual also states that "the analog input bypasses the DSP module and is passed directly to the analog preamplifier section" My two main questions then are 1) Does anyone know how I can switch between the digital and analog inputs, will this be done automatically or do I need to do it manually? Second, There is a button on the Soundstage remote marked "6CH" that "defaults the current analog source to the six-channel analog input" and there is also a button marked "A-D" that "will switch the input to the analog input for the selected source". Which button do I use to switch between digital sources for movies and analog sources for SACD/DVD-Audio? I hope I have provided enough information so someone can help me sort this out. I am totally confused regarding the requirements for playing DVD-Audio and SACDs and since the Soundstage is 4-5 years old, I am not sure how it will handle these new formats. thanks for your time!!

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I'm not familiar with the Aragon unit, but I can tell you how my NAD unit works with my Denon player. I've got both the digital and analog connections between the two units. To listen to SACDs and DVD-As I manually switch the NAD to the 5.1 setting using the remote (equivalent to your 6CH button). When watching movies I need to hit the DVD button, which switches the unit to the digital connection.

Hope this helps.

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Call KLipsch

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Call Klipsch

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Totally Confused,

Two Cents has it right - use the 6 channel input for DVD-A and SACD.

I have the 2900 also and use the recievers processors for everything other than DVD-A and SACD (and CD) as Denon suggests in the addendum (audio set-up tips) to the manual. I believe this is because the bass management of the player as applied for DVD-A and SACD is not the optimum setting for DD and DTS (movies). On the Denon US website ( - if you look up the dvd-2900 in the previous (or past) products section, you may find that you can download a PDF white paper explaining the audio set-up tips if they did not come with your manual. Enjoy the 2900 - it's a truly fabulous machine.

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Most units have the option to switch from analog to digital, My Denon 4802r has a Direct bypass switch that will shutoff everything but the analog inputs,this switches the optical input to the analog input, I keep forgetting to switch it back to Auto, does'nt take long to figure it out.

The 2900 is a fabulous machine I absolutely love mine, along with the 4802R I could'nt be happier.
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