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My new Pioneer Elite 52TX is arriving today. It has a host of connections that that my current Denon AVR2500 (a faithful servant for many years) does not have. My DVD player has digital out as well as multiple analog out connections. I am wondering which which would sound better or is better to go with? The DVD is a Panasonic (the model number escapes me) but it was the last model with Fajorda (spelling) chip in it.

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Depends if you use it for movies or music. Overall the digital connection is better for movies, and the analogs for music.

Interestingly enough, I just recently purchased a Denon DVD 2910 and have been comparing the 6 analog outs to the digital, and I've found that the analog outs sound better for some movies. Take Kill Bill, the music with a lot of strings sounds better letting the DVD player do the processing and using the analog outs. But when I switch back to digital on the same scene, I notice more background effects and bass response.

So really, it's best to have both. I purchased three sets of interconnects for $45 total, which is a good price. The cables are pretty standard and come from http://www.wireworldaudio.com, absolutely no background static at all though.

That's the major thing I've noticed with the 2910, while new movies tend to sound slightly different, ie a little more articulate, more dynamic range in the surround speakers, when I play older movies it is way better, the background hiss that was present is completely gone, allowing the volume to go a lot higher.
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