HELP - Looking for Kenwood ampli schemas


I am looking for schemas of Kenwood Basic M2.
Can you help me? Write me please at

Thank you so much.



Looking for a schematic for the kenwood basic m2
The unit has power, but the relays wont kick in,
no output.
thanks, bob

Je recherche le schéma de l'ampli KENWOOD KA 1500 MKII
MERCI par avance pour les réponses

you hve a shorted out put transistor or two...
check the voltage on the outputs...
chances you have dc offset...
the stereo exchange chicago...

Hi Folks. I would like to ask just about the same Question....

I m lookin for some help in repairing a Kenwood Basic M2 Amp that I got from someone that told me the same old Story... "If you can fix it, you can have it."

I am a Hobby Electrical Repairman. I have my own setup including Oscope, Audio Gen, meters, Irons, and everything I need to get most Jobs done. I have a bit of schooling in the area, so there are a few areas that I know a bit about.

On to my Problem...

I got this amp, and opened her up to immediatly find a bunch of fried resistors. Looking closely found that it was isolated to one channel, so it was not hard to find the Replacements, I just copied what the other side had going.

After replacing about 10 of the buggers, and looking for tell tale Burn spots on the Power amps, and other various regulators, I came to the conclusion that the person that had it before me tried to unsucessfully bridge the unit to itself, and fried all of the fuseable resistors. so I plugged her in and saw what would happen.

well, it was pretty to say the least. Blue sparks shot from an array of resistors directly connecting to one of the Power ams, and my Office immediatly filled with the "Magic Smoke" that makes all electronic devices work proporly.

I know that there is a direct short to ground somewhere, I am just having a problem finding it. is there anyone out there with a few suggestions on whereabouts I can look next, or should I just scrap it and chalk it up to another great fireworks display??

Thank you in advance for your help, if you would like to talk directly to me on this matter, My Email addy is I would really appriciate any info you folks could offer.

Burnout in Kenwood City

Oh one more thing......

Strangely, the fuses have NEVER blown, and they are of the correct value.

Unregistered guest
Have you checked the power output transistors?
If they go short (which they do if overheated) they can cause many other components to fail, without blowing the LS protection fuses.

Try removing the heavy-current transistors (the ones on the heatsink) and replacing all obviously burned parts; do NOT replace the output transistors yet & power it up. If it powers up with no fire, them buy new output transistors - they are quite costly & you don't want to re-fry them

(the short may not be to ground, it will be from the +Vcc rail to the -Vee rail)
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