Sound difference between Paradigm Monitor 9 and Studio 60 ?


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Hello guys,
I want to ask your opinions on choosing the speaker between Paradigm Monitor 9 and Paradigm Studio 60.
How do you describe the sound difference between these speakers ? Is it worth to buy the Studio 60 over Monitor 9 if we consider the marginal sound ?
Oh yes, please PUT ASIDE THE PRICE CONSIDERATION on this opinion since I only want to know the sound difference between these speakers.
Thanks you a lot guys......

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I was just listening to some paradigm speakers today, the monitor 7s, 9s and studio 100s. I ran out of time to listen to the studio 60s. Here are my thoughts, between the monitor series, I ended up enjoying the 7s more than the 9s. The 9s certianly had more low end, but I felt this sacrificed the clarity and balance of the mid ranges. I felt as if the 9s sounded like I was at a rock concert where the volume of the low notes was overdone, maybe boomy if you will. Where as the 7s seemed a litte more balanced and a little tighter althought having listened to the 9s first I wished (at least initially) that they had more lowend. I enjoyed the overall listening experience of the 7s better. Note: All listening was done with no sub.

On the studio series, I thought these sounded the nicest but for well over the double the price of the monitor series you probably hope they sounded better to you. The studios seemed more detailed, a bit better high end clarity and imaging, although, surprisingly it seemed like the image on vocals wasn't quite as clean. Singers voices seem a little more spreadout. On the studios things like plucks of guitar strings seemed more detailed and the nuances of other items seemed to come through better. And, imporantly (to me at least), the 100's reintroduced a bit of the low end difference between the monitor 7s and 9s, but without going overboard. The lower end was well balanced with the hi and mid range notes. A very enjoyable listening experience. At least for listening to music I don't think I would even consider using a sub with the 100s, where as I was thinking with the 7s I would probably run a sub at least sometimes.

Also, I was listening to the speakers with a Marantz 7500, which you'll read here that many people don't recommend Paradigm with Marantz. That said, everyone will also tell you that you really need to purchase what sounds good to you. And frankly, I thought the marantz/paradigm combo sounded very nice. Of course, I'll also audition a few more receivers before I make a purchase. I figure it's a good sign that my intended 1 hour listening trip went over 2 hours without batting an eye. I'll be back at the store next week at least once since I'm on vacation.


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That's very nice experience Mr Robert. I am really well informed by your experience.
It seems the Studio series doesn't double the sound quality compare with the price we pay.
The sales person seem too boasting the Studio series.
My guessing with Monitor 9 is maybe the woofer is kinda big and therefore the sound reproduce seem boomy and not detailed enough.
I couldn't wait yr next experience if you have a chance to test the Studio 60 again. And if you can post it again on this forum. Thanks, Robert !

Any others opinions ?

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I recently just purchased the monitor 7's over the 9's for the same reason, the 7's bass seemed to be tighter and was a better overall balance than with the 9's. I haven't listened to the studio's, since i can't afford them!

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I too like the the 7's better than the 9's for the same reasons. There is no doubt the Studio 60 is a better speaker but on my last comparison between the two that lasted almost an hour of going back and forth I could not make up my mind if it is worth almost double the money for the 60's. I guess if money was not a concern I would buy the 60's but there certainly is not a dramatic difference between the two. I have always thought the 7's to be the real bargain in the Monitor Series and maybe the best bargain floorstander I have heard. I don't know how they can sell that speaker for only $699 list.

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Thanks all for yr opinions.
Seem I will try to afford this Monitor 7 rather than the Studio one.

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to my ears the 9's have boomy bass

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> Also, I was listening to the speakers with a Marantz 7500, which you'll read here that many people don't recommend Paradigm with Marantz.

Huh? Who said that?

I am deciding between the Paradigm Monitor 5, PM 7, or Ascend CMT-340 and I have the Marantz SR5400.

In fact the place where I listened to the 7s had them hooked up to a Marantz 5500 and it sounded great to my ears.

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If you run a search for Paradigm Studio and read the threads you'll see plenty of folks recommending other recievers for Paradigm's over the Marantz. Of course, many of those folks also recognize that everyone has different preferences in what they prefer sound wise and as a result will tell you to audition various configuations and then buy what works for you.

Two Paradigm dealers I've been to also hook them up to the Marantz and I think it sounds pretty darn nice as well. Of course, compared to the HTIB junk I have now just about anything is a massive improvement.

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I *just* got back from comparing the Monitor 11's to the Studio 60's. If price is no object, the 60's win hands down. It's not even close. The 11's retail for 1100, and the 60's for 1600. The 500 bux is well worth it. Now I'm no audiophile, since I don't pick apart the sound. I'm not familiar with all the fancy terms used to describe the way a speaker sounds, but let me tell you what I experienced.

The monitor 11s: They sound excellent. They are better than most speakers retailing for around $1000/pair. Their vocals are true, the clarity is excellent, that is, you can hear the details. The bottom end to me sounded like you could hear some reflections inside the cabinet that muddles the bottom midrange somewhat, but we're picking nits.

Next I listened to the Studios. The first thing I noticed is the soundstage. The studios filled the entire front wall, to the point where if you closed your eyes you'd have a hard time imagining where the speakers were. Just to be sure my ears weren't deceiving me, I switched back to the monitors, and sure enough, it sounded much more like the sound was coming FROM the speakers, as opposed to presenting a wall of sound.

Second point is the mid-lows I kind of mentioned in the monitor series. The muffled sound or reflections inside the cabinet are noticably absent from the studio series, making the listening experience more pleasant.

For me, both these speakers need a sub. Even listening to music, the frequencies below 30 Hz are gone, and below 40 Hz are severely diminished. Fortunately, getting a good sub cures that problem for many a speaker, and relieving your towers of low bass duties gives them a friendly sound.

So, if you have $1K to spend on mains, don't feel bad in the least about getting a set of monitors. But if you have $1500, the extra $500 is certainly not wated getting the Studio 60's.
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