B&W Nautilus vs. KEF Reference


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I am in the market for a pair of floor standing speakers ($3000-$5000 range). I have auditioned B&W Nautilus 803, Nautilus 804, and KEF Reference 203. I liked all of them, although they sounded different (B&W seemed warm, whereas KEF seemed detailed). I listen to jazz vocals and some classic rock. I plan to pair these speakers with B&K AVR507 receiver (haven't purchased yet).

Any suggestions on these speakers?
Also, what other speakers/brands should I consider?

Appreciate your help!

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You might think outside the box, as it were, and look at ELS speakers such as Martin Logan and Magnepan.

Here are a couple of sites where these speakers are discussed:


Good luck!

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In that range, you should also consider the JM Labs speakers... the Electra series are incredible.

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Might want to go with better receiver to mate with speakers of that quality. i would buy used at www.audiogon.com This way, you will end up with more quality, and when you want to upgrade, you don't lose a lot reselling them.

Most items of that level are well taken care of, and the audiogon is more reliable than ebay, although now then they do have disputes.

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James Lee,

What are some of the "better receivers" to mate with B&W Nautilus 804?

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If you are getting the system for music as well as movies, you might want to go with an upscale stereo receiver. It's harder to get quality sound out of surround receivers that do music well.

B&W are revealing speakers - will sound bad if there is a weak link in your system. Some speakers are more forgiving, these sound good with good components, and bad with others - choosing the components well is vital with these.

This will sound pretty good -


This will work for movies too - I find 2 good speakers to be enough - perhaps add a sub.

This setup will sound good with music.

If you don't mind used, you get more quality and better resell value - for when you want to upgrade in the future. Look in www.audiogon.com and www.videogon.com for used good deals.
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