Question: best elevation for speakers?


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I am looking at some speaker stands and want to figure out what would be optimal for my tastes and speakers.

I have a pair of Mordaunt Short MS-05, tiny bookshelf speakers. With a JBL Northridge sub, and a Wharfedale center. Running on an Onkyo 601.

Application: 40% DVDs, 60% CDs. Music is usually jazz, classical, or vocal, but once in a while a little hard rock too.

Right now I am reasonably happy with the setup given my budget constraints. Only concern is that the treble becomes a bit jagged right above -10 volume on music such as Led Zeppelin or Radiohead.

How high should I elevate my two mains? Right now they are about stomach level.

As I move the speakers higher, how will my soundstage change? Will elevation increase or decrease treble and expansiveness? I'd like to soften/decrease treble and maintain or increase spaciousness.

Should the tweeter be even with my ears, or the woofer?

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The tweeter should be at ear level. See if the Mordaunts have stands made specifically for them. Otherwise you want to measure the exact height you need and go hunting.

Good stable stands make a big difference so don't improvise or buy some cheap ones that don't have enough stability.

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The speaker at ear level is fine in theory. Try this: If you have hardwood floors, place the speakers directly on the floor 7-8' apart, put a 1" block of wood under the front of the speaker for elevation(time align purposes). Toe in the speakers slightly, and move your listening position in to about 5-6' away. If you have carpeting, put the speakers on wooden cutting boards first. From here, try various toe in positions. Give a listen, and tell me what you hear. Have fun.

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I want to position my surround speakers 2 feet above ear level, as suggested, but my question is this: My speakers are 11" high. At what point on the speaker should I measure that 2-foot mark? The top? The middle? The bottom? Or does it make any difference?


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Well, I ordered a cheap pair of TechCraft 21" stands which will go on top of 15" entertainment center so I'll play with that when they arrive.

The jagged treble problem has pretty much faded away ever since I exchanged my Onkyo 601 for a Marantz 5400. In fact, if the speaker stands create a more room-filling effect, I might just hold off on upgrading the speakers for a while! The Shorts have never sounded better...what a difference.

I also realize now what a huge difference in recording quality the Led Zep CD was compared to some of my other CDs...and lowered my expectations (and treble setting) accordingly.

I'll also be buying a digital coax cable this weekend, so it'll be interesting to see how that changes the SQ compared to the RCAs I have right now.
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