Marantz 7500 / Onkyo TR 602 / Denon 2805 ???


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I am in a dilemma as to which of the captioned would sound reasonable with B&W 603 S3. I have finalized the speakers auditioned them with Onkyo TR 901 and found the sound tad bright for my taste with bi-wiring. Sounded fine with single-wiring though. Looking for a range A/V receiver to go with my B&Ws. I listen to music most of the times but there may be instances when i watch movies hours at a stretch (Intend to add surrounds etc at a later date when i can afford the other B&W components). There is no particular genre of music that i prefer more but depends on the mood i am in.

Also, need to know how each of the captioned receivers fare in the brightness / warmness category.


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Maratnz or NAD if relly want to play with the B&W...

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Rotel and Arcam also.

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At an upper budget... but maybe the best 4 choices musically speaking.


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I recently did a side by side audition of the Onkyo 601 and Marantz 5400, brought my own speakers into the dealer.

Funny---it ended up convincing me to upgrade my speakers...couldn't hear any huge difference between the two receivers. On the other hand perhaps with better speakers (like the B&W) there would've been more of a difference.
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