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Hey.......first of all, I was wondering what people can suggest for a duel computer speaker system.....no bass amp though, i really dont have enough room.......is that "bose companion 2" good?.....and also, i have a laptop computer, and i was wondering if i should first get an external card before getting some speakers.....

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You can get m-audio usb device for $80 that sound good. It will improve the sound considerably.

http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&category=41784%26item%3D3765961798 %26%26

The Bose is not bad but I wouldn't recommend them - no audiophiles like Bose - it's the power of their advertising - but there are better out there.

You don't have space even under the table for a small sub? Would improve the sound a lot.
You can't get good sound without it.

If not, try to goto a music shop and hear these :


I think the Roland or m-audio might do the trick.

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hm.....is all of that really THAT necessary?.....im a huge music fan, but i never listen to rap, so having a crazy booming bass isnt that important to me.....what if i just go with those altec lansings mx5020's......if i did, should i still get that pocket card?

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Logitech Z-640 or Z-5500, can't beat those systems for the money.
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