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Are there good, maybe even very good, bookshelf speakers that can be bought for 400-500 a pair---mostly for music but also for some dvd's? They will be matched with an HK 325. For a listening tryout, I am limited to CC, BB, and Tweeters.

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These are dome of the top speaker values:

Ther sound best on a stand - some can be filled in with sand to make it sound better.


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I am running a pair of klipsch rb-35's on my hk525
and to me the sound is amazing absolutly perfect
match for hk recievers.

can get very loud and stay very clear.
very efficient don't need a lot of power.

you might be able to pick up a discount on a pair left at tweeters since they no longer carry klipsch.

otherwise they go for $425-$525 a pair.

anyways i really like these, they don't need
but could use a sub to really rock,but what pair
of bookshelves couldn't use a little sub action.

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I definitely second the sub addition - even a modest one like sony sa-wm200 ($74 on adds warmth and fullness to it.

Until you get a sub, you will always be wanting to ungrade and end up wasting money, in search of this illusive nirvanah.

The sony is boomy - some peaple really like it, and others think it too boomy for music. I think it's just perfect when you turn it down, so I don't hear the sub as a separate entity. It should just blend in and add warmth to the sound. Used this way, it is a gem of a bargain.

I heard it paired with $170 bookshelf (Athena 5 incher), and was mesmerizing. Klipsch has better tweeter (more transparent for that lively sound), but Athena had better mid - pleasantly clear.

This might do it for you too - I am getting them.

If you want to get even more quality for the bookshelves, get them used on

Post for suggestions on audiogon stuff, you will get some if you go this rout.


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There are a ton of really good bookshelf speakers out there. Although being limited to CC,BB and tweeters you will not hear the best. PSB, Paradigm and Axiom are your best bet in this price range. I'm most familiar with Paradigms since I went for Bookshelf speakers a while back. Paradigm makes a great speaker, if you can get up over the $700 range the Reference series are one of the best, namely the Studio 20 V3's are an incredible bookshelf speaker, if not the Performance series namely the Atoms, Titans or Focus are great speakers by Paradigm in your price range.. Unfortunately Paradigm does not allow internet or on-line sales so you will have to find a dealer near you.. there is a dealer locater at

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Another excellent bookshelf speaker, that might be outta your price range (MSRP 1100/pr but I got mine for 850) are the JM Labs Cobalt 806S... The JM Labs Chorus 706 is an excellent choice too and much more affordable.

Shoot, you should buy used from someone over on Audiogon. If you are patient you can get good stuff like b&w 602's or monitor audio silver's for about 500.00 or if you can spend just a little more on some high end bookshelfs like Spendor, Dynaudio Audience, Quad 12L or a Green Mountain audio Europa for a little over 600.00.

However not everyone is comfortable buying used.

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The very best bookshelf speaker for the money is an Ascend Acoustics CP 170. Forget numbers, name brand, and any of the other factors that sometimes clouds our primary reasons for buying good loudspeakers in the first place. These speakers don't have any of that. They're not all that attractive, they aren't made by some big shot company that's been making speakers since the days of yore, and they certainly won't make your friends swoon....until you turn on your stereo. I'm telling you, for this kind of money, if you can find a clearer, more accurate speaker, I'd like to hear about it immediately. I could on and on but I'll let you do your own research. If you're looking for a bookshelf speaker and don't mind something that's sorta just a plain looking cube, do not overlook this speaker. You're in for quite a surprise. Oh by the way, their subs are ridiculously high quality for the money too.
P.S. - Rock and Roll will never die.

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I heard the Ascend acoustics and they are very good for the price. Not a lot of bass but for under 350.00 you can always invest in a sub. They aren't warm speakers but very detailed. Not going to win aesthetic awards either. Better than axioms in my opinion.

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I have the athena as-b1 bookshelves and I think that they sound great for $150 cdn. If you wanted to go a step up you could always get the as-b2 for a little bit more.
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