What receiver to pair with Totem Arro?


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Hello Everybody-
Somewhat long time reader, first time poster. :D
A while ago I bought some Totem Arros and Dreamcatcher center for my living room (a future HT...sorta).
The store had suggestions (its all Rotel around here), but I am wondering what people here would advice in terms of a receiver to pair with these relatively hungry speakers. This will be the first 5.1 setup I get, but I am looking for something I can grow with and will compliment my LCD HDTV and the many CDs (and MP3 played off a PC), maybe to drive a second zone, user friendly...
I don't have a set budget, but the cheaper the better (ie $1200 is out of my range now) and to keep things simple I would prefer a receiver vs separates (if separates then I would need a tuner too), though am open to any ideas.
Rotel, Marantx, Denon, H/K...I don't know where to begin=!!

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I would start with H/K AVR430, Marantz SR5500, Pioneer Elite 54TX, NAD T753 and maybe Denon AVR2805.

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When I look at this level of receiver, are there certain things I should focus on? This may be a stupid question - but should I be focused on what the sound differences will be between receivers (hard for me to know since probably no places will have the same setup as I will), or with these will the sound be about the same and it is a matter of features or usability that I am looking for? Thx Sory such a basic question!

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There are differences in the sound of different receiver. It's hard to describe all but I'll try to give some indications.

Denon - neutral, detailed, thin, slightly bright, clear-warm
H/K - warm, full, dynamic, not as detailed
Marantz - warm, smooth, detailed
NAD - dynamic, full, detailed, neutral-warm
Pioneer - neutral-warm, detailed
Yamaha - dynamic, neutral, thin, controlled, some models overly bright

These are my opinions, you might find them different.

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Sounds like the Marantz might be a little better bet. People say on some other threds the Totems might need the 7500 (any difference with the 7400?) to power them, though landroval it sounds like the 5500 would be ample?

I hear lots of positives about the Denon 3805 too (2805), so perhaps worth listening. I feel like my brain is going to burst from lots of reading (but no deciding)!

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The Arros are quite difficult to drive, so the better the receiver, the more likely it'll be a good match. Your dealer was on the money when he suggested the Rotel 1056. I played with the Denon 2805 only last Saturday and it had no problem driving Dynaudio 122s which are also not particularly eassy to drive. It would be better if you could take in the Arros when it comes to crunch time to make sure there isn't a mismatch.

Shame you can't go up to the Rotel - it's the best of the bunch mentioned above by far.

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