Jensen JW-1500 15" Driver Info Needed


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Hi all,

I have a fairly old Jensen JW-1500 driver. It is a 15" Sub drver, and on its label, claims 150w RMS, 350w peak 94dB sensitivity, and 4 Ohms imp.

I recently bought a 350w Sub amp (for building into a sub-enclosure) and now want to build the enclosure.

The problem is in finding ANY info on the JW-1500. I need the specs (Qms, Qts, Qes, Vas etc.) to help me calculate a suitable enclosure volume and cross over freq. (There are no reults from Google)

Appreciate any help.

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Ya' just gotta know where to look ;^) .

There is a free subwoofer box design program called WinISD that just happens to have your Jensen JW-1500 in it's database. The program's recommended box size for your sub is 8 cu-ft. Yeah, a mite large i'd say. You could scale it back to around 5 cu-ft (2-3" i.d. x8"L ports) big, but more manageable. This will give you a -3db point of around 42hz, not counting whatever room gain you get. Not bad, but you may want more.
Choosing this box size gives you an upgrade path to using one of these

This will give you a -3db point around 23hz, (just remember to use 13.25" long ports with this one). Very tough to beat for the price.

Here's a link to some folks who use that sub.

Homer Australia
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You da man Nathan!! Thanks very much for that!
I quite like that WinISD too - it has helped a lot with my design!
I've gone from a 600 litre Vented box, (guesstimate based on a similar driver) to a 260 odd litre 4th Order bandpass box!

According to WinISD 490 litres would have sufficed for the regular ported box anyway.

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