Best way to Crossover to a custom sub setup?


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Ok, here's what I've got so far...

A tabco mackie pro audio amp (1400 watts RMS)

I have an infinity kappa perfect 10" sub in a custom sealed box for home theater use. I originally was amplifying it with an older plate amp that I kept externally, I used banana plug ins on the box. Now that I have a 1,400 watt amp that does full range 5-55k power range 20-22k linear I need a crossover for the sub.

Now, I had a few ideas and I don't want it to get expensive. Here's how I want to do it.

RCA output from receiver - input to crossover - output to Mackie. I don't want to do a speaker level crossover as it will get expensive for one that can handle 1,400 watts RMS...

The available RCA crossovers seem to be active and passive units built for cars... An active unit may be cheap but I'll also need a 12 volt DC source = pain. A passive unit seems hard to find.. ugh. Are there any home theater RCA crossovers?

Thanks for any help provided, it's greatly appreciated.

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Also, is there a way to get a crossover + phase adjuster?

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Since nobody else got in on this, I'll try. Reconsider a car crossover. You probably could use a wall wort power supply to power it. Plugged into a "switched" outlet (extension cord may be needed) on your receiver would make it "auto-on".

Other than that, I fear for that Infinity with that much power =O .
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