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Hello there,

I'd like to get some peoples opinions on kef q4s. I need some speakers for my nad c320bee/c521bee setup - a local shop is selling the k4s for £299 ($550) instead of the usual 399.

i have a budget of £300 and a very small room :-(
i'd like to get a pair of decent stands if i go down the standmount route.. b&w 602s have caught my attention .. as have the q1s.. but in the end i'd pay 100 for the stands.. 250 for the aforementioned bookshelfs so - 350.. 50 more than the floor standing q4s!!

I did audition a pair briefly recently -- i liked the detail but felt bass was a tad lean.. however, this was a big shop.. and my room is considerably smaller (think tiny)

so.. over to yous.. opinions???

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Yuk. Really.

Bright, poorly finished, noisy cabinets.

Nothing redeemable in them whatsoever.

For similar money consider the Wharfedale Diamond 9.4s (£300 floorstander), the Acoustic Energy EVO3 (£350 floorstander).

If your room is so small, how about considering a pair of Wharfedale Diamond 9.1s on Partington Ansa stands (£275 combination)? Or perhaps the B&W 601S3 (£249 + stands) which I prefer to the 602 because it's got a tad better timing. It's got a big sound already but not too big so it would suit the room fine. Smaller rooms usually suffer more in terms of bass resonance modes, so a standmount is probably preferable.


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thanks for the response, there aint much out there about the q4s.

I was going to buy the partington ansa's you suggested (spooky eh?) the ansa 60s.. or maybe the dreadnoughts if anywhere has them in.

I deplore wharfedale stuff.. it looks awful (imo) and i used to have some diamonds that sounded really poor.

But the B&Ws really do interest me.. still with the stands they would push me over budget.. and i literally have NO more money. (Poor student between paychecks - after the nad purchase i have £14 pounds to last me 2 weeks hehe)

But they remain an option with cheaper stands. I was reading about the MA b2s which seem like crackers but (alledgely) they only really come alive with bi-wiring and with the amp that's a no no... also read they don't sound great with nad .. but hey.

Oh.. furthermore.. anyone have anything to say about kef coda 70s?? superfi doing some for half price.. specs look good, real wood veneer etc. Evener harder to find stuff about these!

(hifi's great innit? :-) )

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