B&W 804 v. Totem Forest v. Audio Physic New Tempo


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Live in a large room: 65x30x13 of which the 1st 3rd is dedicated home theatre. 50/50 use.

The plan is to drive from Arcam AVR300.

CD is either Acram d79 or Marantz DV9500.

Recommendations on speakers for best fit?

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For music the New Tempo is great, dunno about the Forest.

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The Forest is a great speaker with a very big sound for such a small speaker. The B&W 804 is a little bigger sounding, particularly in the bass, and is just as difficult to drive and so may suit the (large) room better. Musically I prefer the Forest, but not by a huge amount.

Given the size of the room, I'd be happier with a bigger amplifier. I'd certainly consider biamping the front set of speakers with either the extra (zone2) set of amps in the AVR300 or through extra amplification (the P35 or P1 monoblocks). The nice thing about the 300 is that you can add these bits later, but if you can look at doing them earlier, you could have a better dedicated result.

The DV79 is a fine machine. DVD-wise it's got one of the best pictures on the planet and musically it's no slouch either - a good choice, and the minimum you should consider in this equation in my view, although a similarly priced dedicated CD player such as a Naim CD5i would give you better results musically of course.

No idea on the Audio Physic or Marantz models you mentioned.


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If you don't want to upgrade the amplifier, you should really look into higher sensitivity / easier load speakers if you want dynamics and unstrained performance at moderate to high listening levels. The forest is a really great speaker, and the B&W 804 is nice if not my first pick in that price range.
Soliloquy makes higher sensitivity speakers that could rock out with that amp and that room.
I haven't heard the Audio Physic, but I've heard good things. I'd look at the sensitivity and impedance.

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OK, radically different idea given feedback, and an attempt to keep costs manageable:

Outlaw Model 950/770 for 7x200 amplification.
Axiom M80i, Epi. 500, Q58, VP150.

Given I've never heard this configuration before, but both have lenient return policies, is it worth trying this out?

Assuming I go with the Outlaw amp, any benefit coupling it with a different "high-end" receiver? And any recommendations on audio/video sources?
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