D&M Holdings: Denon, Marantz, McIntosh + HT Data


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Attached pdf offers insight into the recapitalized D&M Holdings venture. As a bonus, a variety of audio information is also included.

Highlights/Lowlights, Y2003:
>Overall margins are razor thin in this business at 6%.
>Pgs.10,11- Total U.S. HT growth is flat vs. Europe, Japan. Receiver sales decline overall while DVD and Flat Panel business is up.
>Pgs.12,14- Receiver/amp/tuner (A/V Specialty Channel), U.S. Market Share: Yamaha is the single brand platform leader; Sony share is limited; NAD, conspicuously absent along with Harman Kardon. In the European Market Share, H/K is specifically cited along with Kenwood, Panasonic, Philips; NAD, presumably, is marginally included once again in "others".
>Pge.20- Close to the audio buff's heart, McIntosh is cited in integration "Execution #1".
Hopefully, this is more than a numeric priority.
>Pge.23- A massive plant being built in China addressing cost efficiencies and global expansion.
>Pgs.45,47- Bad news, overall, D&M lost money; Good news, "Premium A/V Business" shows an operating profit.

All in all, a behind the scenes snapshot into marketing, strategy, vision, product synergy of several prominent A/V brands.

Here's hoping that D&M can remain financially viable to maintain their products, technologies, service and warranty infrastructure for their loyal Denon/Marantz owner base. All consumers benefit from the competition of broad brand availability.

An American icon's future, McIntosh, is now directly dependent upon D&M's overall success or failure.

link here:http://www.dm-holdings.com/eng/ir/presentations/2004/document/20040520_en.pdf

I wonder how much more Marantz would add to the totals if they kissed and made up, and started advertising in What Hi-Fi?....lol.
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