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Hi everyone
I am looking to buy small subwoofer to achieve deep firm bass around 20 Hz. I live in apartment; my living room is 10 by 12 feet. I read some article about subwoofer placement and one of the good positions is in-line with front speaker.
I have bookshelf's speaker sitting on my bookshelf and I have space on the bottom of my shelves
However, is that good place for subwoofer, what kind of subwoofer I need to place on the bottom of my shelves? Help?


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No that is not a good place for your subwoofer.

I would look for a corner. If you want 20 htz you will probally be looking at a larger enclosure space, as opposed to a small sub woofer. 20 htz is pretty low for an apt and most subwoofers.

What do you have for speakers and amp anyways?

And if i might ask what is your usage of your system HT or music? Bass management is important at this low of frequency, with bookshelves you might be missing "part" of the mid range action. Something i think i overlooked.

I don't think that sub placement is going to work for you anyways, no matter what you do.

My room is 12X10. I have a 20-39 pc+ SVS that i use for mostly HT applications. It works extremly well, but it is not small. It is a little muddy for music though, depending on the source.

I hope this helps, take this with a grain of salt as i am a newbie.. :-)

I have Dynaudio audience 42, Denon 1804 and my next step is to improve deep bass. I was thinking to go with Sunfire junior or Def.Tech. Supercube II this two sub's are very small 12x12x12 and capable to deliver 20 Hz. But to get 20 Hz placemat is very imported
Any opinion welcome.... Help


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