Marantz SR-7400 w/ Monitor Audio Radius or Canton Plus


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I have been shopping for a new home theater setup for about a month and am narrowing my choices for the receiver and speakers. I am most concerned about the sound for music (about 75% of the use of my system will be music). My wife wants the smallest speakers possible - i just sold my klipsch kg-4's and am replacing them :-(

I need fronts, centers, sub-woofer, satellites and a receiver. I would really like to get the best quality rcvr/spkrs for approx. $1500 but my leading choices so far are closer to $2000.

My leading choices for speakers are the Monitor Audio Radius and Canton Plus (X-sats, XL-fronts) speakers [based on some listening and recommendations at various stores]. I would like to know if anyone can suggest if these would be a good choice or if there is a better option.
Canton (sub, ctr, fronts, sats) $1200
Montior Audio Radius (sub, ctr, front, sats) $1500

The receiver I am considering is the Marantz SR-7400 so would appreciate any confirmation or alternatives on this as well.

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You might want to hear these if you live near a Goodguys. Softer sounding than the Monitors - if you like that kind of sound. They got good reviews from the pros at Hifi magazines, and leaves you more for a better quality receiver or even separates.

If you don't mind used, you can get good deals on on better quality receivers.

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Thanks - I do not live near a Goodguys but I will find a dealer near me and go listen to the Energy Take5.2 system.

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Marantz and Monitor make a great combination. I wouldtake

that over a Marantz/Energy system any time. The Monitors are very dynamic without the harshness of other brands[like Klipsch] and match well with the warmness of the Marantz. Energy's are fine but not a match for Monitor soundwise or build quality IMO and especially if matches with the Marantz. My question is if you are going to buy a midline receiver like the 7400 why are you not spending more on speakers? You should be a thinking about at least the Bronze series in the Monitor line. I would say think about going with the Bronze series and a Marantz 6400 or 5400.

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Hi All,

just bought a sr-7400 with a set of 5 NHT L5 speakers and the NHT SW10ii sub. Anyone have any experience with the match of the Marantz with the NHT's. Also bought the Marantz DV-4300. would love to hear some opinions on my setup. Finally got sick of my JVC TH-A10 HTIB next to my plasma. Just didnt do justice.

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There are two features that made me look at the 7400 - Video Upconversion and 7 channels. I will likely own the receiver for many years and do not want to wish later that I had these features. The second receiver on my list was the Yamaha V1400.

I am also questioning if I really need video upconversion (all I am saving is some cables between the receiver and monitor). In this case I would also consider the Denon AVR-2803.

As far as the speakers go I have to satisfy my wife who wants the smallest speakers I can get. I want the best sounding speakers I can buy that will get approval from the "boss". So, I am limited to small bookshelf speakers and am trying to get the best sound possible. Price is not the driver (although I will consider value for the $). I will listen to the Monitor Bronze B1 for the fronts and Bronze BFX for the surrounds (and compare with the radius) but that is pushing my limit on size.

Thanks for the input.

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Glad to see you will be listneing to the Bronze 1. Very nice little speaker. Also listen to the Silver 1 while you are at it. Excellent little speaker and only 1 1/2 inches taller than the Bronze 1 . I think you will find Monitor and Marantz a very good combination. Good luck and happy listening. And don't forget to take your own music and videos with you.
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