H/k bass management "hole" question


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Does anyone know about these Bic Acoustech speakers:


They are Klipsch lookalikes that I think sell at Costco as a bundle for half the MSRP (at least in the US).

Something is a bit fishy. The web site lists quotes from "Rave Reviews and Critical Acclaim" but all the quotes are from one review:


The author of the review, Calvin Harding Jr., appears to have written a handful of game and movie reviews (see http://www.clarksynthesis.com/home-reviews.php) but not much else if anything in the arena of speaker reviews. The review itself compares the Acoustech speakers to Klipsch Synergy and Klipsch Reference speakers. He finds faults (that we wouldn't tolerate in speakers) with the Klipsch such as "bass was severely lacking" in the Klipsch RF-3II and "boomy and muddy" bass in the Synergy SF-1. But, as if to make us feels he's a good guy, likes them anyway: "The lack of bass problem notwithstanding, the Reference series speakers have exceptional dynamic range." and "Despite its overemphasized bass, the Synergy line of speakers demonstrated very good dynamic range." Of course he loves the Acoustech speakers in comparison.

One difference between Klipsch and Acoustech speakers is size and weight; the Klipsch having bigger volume and much more weight to them. Yet the reviewer makes it seem like this is a bad thing. He says this about the Acoustech:

The entire Acoustech line, including the H100 subwoofer, is visually stunning. The main channel towers are streamlined (a space-friendly, 8" cabinet depth) and elegant.

and then about the Klipsch:

The Klipsch Synergy line of speakers is average in appearance. [...] The Synergy main channel towers might be a little taxing (13.75" cabinet depth) for those with limited room space.


The Klipsch RF-3II cabinets are rather bulky with a considerable 16.2" cabinet depth.

It's a strange review, reassuring to neophites wondering about the Acoustech, but puzzling to me.

I might have been tempted to try their center speaker if it were available in Canada because I need a high efficiency speaker to match my Klipsch mains, but this leaves a funny taste in my mouth. It's the only review available for that product (that I could find anyway), it's heavily referenced by the manufacturer, yet it's the only speaker review ever written by that reviewer.

What do you guys think?

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Username: Petergalbraith

Rimouski, Quebec Canada

Post Number: 88
Registered: Feb-04
Man, it did it again...
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