NAD c320 bee enough power?


I am trying to piece together my first hifi system and I have been doing extensive research on the internet. I only have a limited amount of money so I think the NAD C320 BEE sounds like a good amp for me to start off with. I am just a little worried because of the fairly conservative power ratings that NAD gives, will the c320 BEE have enough power for the PSB image 4t or 5t speakers? From what I have read, NAD/PSB is thought to be a good combo, but I am just concerned with power. I would like this system to get fairly loud, though I will neve need to listen to anything at ear splitting levels.


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That's a really nice combination to be starting out with. My first hifi system was a NAD C740 receiver rated at 35 watts x 2 driving a pair of PSB Image 4T's, it had plenty of power to rock the house. The C320BEE has a superior toroidal transformer and is rated at 50W x 2, so you should be fine driving either speaker -- unless you're trying to fill a gymnasium you should have plenty of volume. TO make the most of your system however, be sure to get a decent CD player with a good DAC (Digitial Analog Convertor -- its the thing that converts all the 1's and 0's from the digital CD source to an analog signal that your amp will use). Both NAD players will work well with your combo and are good value for the money. If dollars are tight you can always look for a C521i, or even better a C541i (the older models), on clearout. If you can, please try to listen to this gear before purchasing -- it's nice to read reviews and get opinions of others but the best "reviewer" is always your own ears!! Happy shopping and enjoy!

Thanks for the help. I was however planning just to run this from my computer or ipod until I have money for the cd player. Would this be ok, at least for a while?

Thanks again!

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yegads!! using your computer as a source will not do your amp or speakers justice!! but i understand its hard to buy all components of a good hifi system at once (lots of $$$). You do have a good start with the NAD amp and the PSB's. If you talk nicely to your dealer, maybe they'll let you take a CD player home for a few days to try with your system -- I'm sure when you have a listen you'll be tempted to save up for one sooner rather than later (grin). Welcome to an expensive (but fun) hobby!

Thanks for the info tips, I will definetely try that out on my dealer, but the couple of days thing may be tough since the dealer is several hours away, worth a shot though. Which cd player would be a good one to get? Are the older models you have already mentioned good enough or should I look at some newer models?


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The 320bee should have more than enough power for either the 4Ts or the 5Ts, both of which are rather sensitive speakers (sensitivity of 91 db/watt/meter), and the 320 has a surprising amount of power--its 50 wpc is more powerful sounding than many 100 wpc receivers I have listened to. NAD's power ratings, like those of H/K, just seem more realistic than most brands.


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Hi again,

If your dealer isn't able to lend you a CD player, be sure to listen in the store (ideally with the same amp/speaker combo you're looking at). The NAD line has undergone some tweaking over the last couple of years, and some sonic upgrades, but their players have been well received for some time. the entry level C520 became C521, then C521i and is now the C521BEE. Their higher model, the C540 became C541, C541i and now C542. You can count on some minor improvements in the newer models, but the older players are very solid sounding gear. If dollars are tight, dealers should still have a few C521i's and C541i's kicking around (they're the most previous generation) that should be on clearout now. For an entry level system, the C521i/C521BEE is a fine player for the money, the C541i/C542 is a little more open, has a more tuneful bass, and pulls out a little more detail, but I honestly think you have to listen to high quality gear for quite some time before your ears "mature" enough to care about these subtle details. That is why home audio is such a costly hobby -- essentially once your ears get a taste (or listen) of the good stuff, they just want MORE MORE MORE!! I personally like the Arcam line of CD players, but their entry level unit (CD62T) costs quite a bit more than the NAD C542 which is probably within spitting distance sonically. I think the C521i/521BEE should do you fine, but as always, trust your own ears and have fun!

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i am replacing a very old NAD 7020i and am considering the C740, C320 BEE or Azur 540a. Speakers I was interested in are PSB Image B25 Bookshelfs.

I would be grateful for any advice or suggestions. I've always been happy with NAD though the Azur's have received good reviews and would match up with my 300 Series CD player by Cambridge Audio.

Thanks in advance.
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