Marantz vs Yamaha


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Hello everyone,
I'm thiking of getting either the Marantz SR8300 or the Yamaha RX-V2400. Does anybody have any comments on them? Thks a lot...

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What speakers do you have? The Marantz is a slightly warmer sounding receiver and the Yamaha's can be quite bright or thin sounding (though the RX-V2400 is much better than the predeccor's), so you'll need speakers that will go well with your choice.

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Sorry about that spelling - should be predecessors!

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thanks very Myrantz.... I've decided to go with the RX-V2400 & it's matching up relatively well with my set of 5 Canton Ergo speakers. However, i'm kinda missing the multi-room capability of the SR8300

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Did you listen to both? Because for me it's kinda hard to suggest the 2400 over the 8300. The difference in sound quality is still like night and day.

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I owned a 2300, and now own the 8400. The marantz is definately better for music, and they were bothe good for movies. I would take the marantz any day over yamaha.

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Same Here, 10 times out of ten, i'd pick the marantz...if features are a must then maybe the yami but you'd regret your choice 99% of the time when you're listening to Dolby Digital or DTS...If I were you, I would listen to both then decide, all we can give you is our opinion which in this case doesn't seem to help you much

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The Yamaha is feature laden and has very good sound...but, does not sound quite as good (full and detailed) as many other recievers in the same price range.

There is much to like about the 2400 or even the 1400, but most of this has to do with the great features that have been included and not necessarily the sound, especially for two channel music.

i have comcast digital cable is there any way i can get hd without going thru comcast

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I think you might want to ask your question in another forum...this one deals with a/v receivers, not HDTV. Try this forum.

You can always get satellite instead of cable. That is the only other way I know of to get HDTV. Both Dish Network and DirecTV both offer HD services.
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