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220V electiricity usage with 120V receiver!!!!Jason Alexander2
Yamaha RX-V800 vs RXV620Yohanes5
Adjusting rear level and delay seperatelyyohanes2
Please Help with Denon 1802 ReceivereCoustics2
DTS decoding with Sony STRDE675 & JVC XV-S65GDjohnny bernardo3
What's the difference between Yamaha RX-V1200, RX-V 1000, & RX-V 22...Anonymous2
Multi-room AND home theatre w/ Sony receiver???Tom Schultz5
Improving TV sounduntitled5
Denon AVR-4802 or Integra DTR 8.2ABHISHEK GUPTA3
Digital reciever shuts off when sound gets loudmidinerd3
Stereo receiver driving mono speakersmidinerd5
Yamaha Rxv620jo2
Denon avr1802 and yamaha v620 jag3
Where to buy receiver and DVD player on web?tony ng2
Pioneer Receiver Problem (VSX-D307)patrick grady2
Integra DTR 7.2patrick2
Which would you buyAnonymous2
Which one?Anonymous3
Sound suggestions?Anonymous2
Help with a dolby digi or dts receiverPete Charles2
What NOT to buy???Himanshu2
Denon avr 3802 speaker calibration question -aviaAnonymous2
Denon AVR-1602 vs Yamaha HTR-5550Anonymous2
Which to buy Onkyo SR600 or HK AVR320Anonymous2
DENON AVR 1602 or TECHNICS SA-DX 1050?Anonymous2
KLIPSCH, M&K or others? Have $4000 to spend on speakersashori254
Denon avr 3802 problemRay4
Difference btw THX Select and THX Ultra/2Anonymous2
Connecting XBOX to a receiverpo2
What is the best receiver that I could get for around $300?mark bothe5
Does anybody know when the new HK325 or HK525 are coming Anonymous3
Progressive Scan DVD appropriate receiversAnonymous9
Which to choose Pioneer or SonyAnonymous2
Rotel RSX972, Integra DTR7.1 or HK AVR520 receiver?Anonymous3
Which Receiver to BuyAnonymous10
Decent STEREO receiver?Jose Cruz2
Denon AVR 2802 shuts off when turning up volumeNathelie Smith2
Receiver Reccommendation for NewbyAmir Yanovsky7
C'mon, please a little help with the Watt QuestionAlford Holland4
Denon 3802 or Pioneer 909?! PLEASE HELP!Anonymous3
Help pleaseJOHNQ2
AV Receiver & 5 Speaker "bundles" - are they any good?Anonymous6
Bose lifestyle 12 systemMichael Burns6
Help...VSX-D307 (pioneer receiver)M.L. Burns2
Marantz receiver with Paradigm speakersAnonymous4
OK guys...I've got 2000$Anonymous8
QUESTION: Yamaha HTR-5560 & Bose AccoustimassEl Rojo4
Need help!! ===> im clearly an idiot---denon 3802 setupAnonymous2
Denon VS Denon 3803 vs 4802TRIEDEMALL2
Help Needed!Anonymous5
How do you connect second CD player?Anonymous3
Found AMAZING DEAL, is it too good to be true???eCoustics3
Serious Dolby-Pro Logic Problemstslugmo4
Onkyo SR600: HELP w/ Digital vs PL2 playbackAnonymous2
Yamaha RX-V 2300 vs.Denon 3802Anonymous2
B&W SPEAKERS and YAMAHA 5560 should I Bi-Wirejoe lavalle2
Denon avr-4802 vs. Marantz Sr-9200mattburklund3
Polk Rm6000Mike Gratis4
Onkyo SR600 or Harman Kardon AVR320 or AVR520Michael Herczeg2
Trouble with my new VR-6070Tim P5
Onkyo SR 600 vs. Integra DTS 5.3 (What's the differenct besides $$$...Anonymous5
Details of the new 3803Tyler Ramsay3
Kenwood VR-6050 Subwoofer Channel Mahesh3
Which connection to use???!?!?!?!??!Anonymous3
Kenwood VR6050 LFE/Subwoofer ProblemJeffrey6
Best $300 theatre receiver: Onkyo TX-SR500 and Pioneer VSX-D811S or...Anonymous2
Pioneer vsx-47tx vs denon4802Anonymous2
Touble-Shooting Kenwood VR 6050Caesar Cardona4
Is a TEAC home theater reciever any good?????Tommy Drew3
Can I find a better receiver for the $h1pst3r2
Help a girl outAnonymous12
DENON 1803, does anyone have one....?LaZBoy3
Best Budget Receiver Under $500Al Holland12
Onkyo 650 Receiver- Static from Left surround?Anonymous5
Clearing Dialogue of Onkyo 650!Anonymous11
HT for $500 MaxAnonymous5
ONKYO TX-SR600 vs. KENWOOD VR-6070 vs. DENON AVR 2802 vs. HARMON KA...Anonymous3
Onkyo TX-SR500 vs TX-SR600Anonymous4
Reciever for BOSE lifestyle 25 Eric Jenkins4
Setting Onkyo 650 receiver on top of tv creates problemsAnonymous2
Onkyo TX-SR700 cutting out on CDs only, need help!Phil Krewer7
Best receiver around $300Anonymous4
Receiver to Subwoofer problem - HELP!!!Alford Holland2
Recommendation DVD Receiver for KEF Sub-Sat System?jcmono2
If any body has the pioneer vsx-43tx elite, can i get some feed bac...Anonymous5
What's "Fully Assignable" Input on REceivers?h1pst3r3
New Home theater - Speakers + Receiver? HELPh1pst3r18
Denon AVR3802 versus Pioneer Elite VSX-43TXAnonymous6
Yamaha 2300 Vs Onkyo TX SR800 VS Denon 2802/3803Phil Krewer5
Does anybody own the HK AVR 225?????h1pst3r2
Onkyo TX-SR600 Problemsgecko3114
A-Bus and RS 232h1pst3r4
Optical Audio Cables Not Workingh1pst3r5
Onkyo sr500ELS3
Buying new reciever: HK AVR520 vs. HK AVR325, or other? HelpAnonymous6
Bose sub to yamaha receiver...HELP PLEASE!!!!!!po2
Cant decide... Onkyo TX-NR900 or Denon AVR-3803Anonymous3
Denon 3803 Zone 2Anonymous2
HK AVR-125 or SONY DA1ESmike maw10
First Home Theater. HELP!h1pst3r2
Onkyo SR600 OR H/K 225 OR H/K 520?h1pst3r3
Whats the differences between hts650 reciever and txsr500Anonymous4
XBOX Dolby Digital problems - incompatibility issue?Scott2
Onkyo SR 600 connections with TVDavid2
HK AVR525 or HK AVR8000?Phil Krewer3
Onkyo SR800 vs. Denon 3803Phil Krewer4
Help me: receiver?Phil Krewer5
Onkyo HT-R500 VHS Hook-upJames Friars7
Help with video switchingPhil Krewer2
Pioneer vsx-d811s vs. vsx41, jbl-scs135 vs scs150CAPPLEER2
Advice neededh1pst3r2
7. 1 Surround ReceiverBrad S2
Receiver for under 350.00..A little helpAnonymous4
Auto flag for DD exPhil Krewer2
Help with a kenwood vr-6050 no coaxial dectectionGreg Lee2
Questions about matrix 6.1 vs. discrete 6.1Greg Lee3
ProMedia (4 ohm) speakers with Kenwood VR-6070 question...neophite3
Kenwood VR-6070 Surround Back Question (amp needed?)Greg Lee7
How do you get a Denon AVR 3802 to play a 2nd zone?yariv kratka3
How would you do speakers for this room ...h1pst3r11
Denon AVR-3802 manualJustin C.2
Advice?Phil Krewer2
Whats a good choice for a $200-300 reciever?scott3
RF RemoteJeffrey7
Entry level receiverh1pst3r3
Phil* your review of the V1Phil Krewer6
On screen display for marantz sr6200Greg Lee2
Video Switching on Intergra ReceiverGreg Lee3
Can 2 receivers power one set of speakers safelyprbeck3
Acoustimass 16 with a 7.1 Receiverpo3
Onkyo SR500 Vs Yamaha HTR-5540Anonymous2
High current amph1pst3r2
DENON AVR 1803 or YAMAHA HTR 5560 advice needed?Devegus3
Yamaha HTR-5140 at $125brent2
First time buyer.h1pst3r2
Composite video (yellow) + S-video+ Component Greg Lee3
Yamaha HTR vs RXVPhil Krewer2
Denon AVR-2802 vs 982?Phil Krewer9
Pioneer Elite VSX-49TXAnonymous5
Onkyo SR600: HELP w/ Digital vs Pro Logic 2 playbackGreg Lee4
Onkyo ht s650 connection problemAnonymous2
$300 Receivers: Onkyo TX-SR500 vs. Pioneer VSX-D811SAnonymous5
Home Theater vs Stereo Receiverh1pst3r4
Whats the diff between receivers that are chipset vs. discreet amp....Phil Krewer15
ONKYO vs. DENON vs. HK vs. YAMAHADavid18
Denon AVR-1602 jumps from Dolby D to PL II - does not recoverryan3
Websites to purchase Rotel or Integra receiversEric4
More powerGreg Lee2
A and B speakersBarry Marsh2
Nakamichi AV-1 RemoteShadow3
Differnces in Yamaha Receiver Modelsmamasan2
Good multi-room receivers?h1pst3r4
Component video switchingRex Carson4
H1pst3r ....Is the HK AVR325 overkill for me?h1pst3r7
HTR-5540 won't run in Digital ModeAnonymous4
New Kenwood Receivers?Jeffrey2
Head to head match: Marantz SR5200 vs Denon AVR-2802jeremy3
KENWOOD 6070 and processing 96kHz/24 bitRick Z3
Onkyo TX SR-600 speaker config menu Marty Dabrowski3
Receiver confusion, need advicePhil Krewer2
Onkyo TXSR 600 v. Harman Kardon AVR 225Phil Krewer4
Building a 7.1 system????ezzyme3
Newbie Primer?Warder453
Upgrade on a budget for newbieMike3
HELP!!!! Internet Stereo neededh1pst3r4
Digital recierver?h1pst3r5
Quick question regarding onkyo txs r600William7
7.1 surround effects performanceh1pst3r6
More power to one speaker? better or worse?h1pst3r2
Pioneer VSX-D811S speaker problemTim S2
Sony str da1esSNG11
Onkyo TXSR 600 v. Harman Kardon AVR 225Fellow Shopper2
Watt distribution questionAnonymous3
Onkyo SR-800 vs HK AVR-525h1pst3r2
I did it! I actually ordered!Phil Krewer3
Pioneer Elite VSX-49TXAnonymous5
Problem with DTS signal from CD playerPhil Krewer13
Hey H1Phil Krewer9
Yamaha RX-V3300 troy3
Intergra 7.3 vs denon 3803Phil Krewer5
Yamaha 5560: Go with Bose 301s or JBL S38 main speakersKarthik3
How to tell if your receiver is defective?Greg Lee2
Marantz vs. onkyo vs. denon up to $600Derek2
What does 192khz/24 bit DAC mean to amp's performance?Derek22
Onkyo TXSR 600 vs HK AVR 325mike6
How important is Calibration?Caesar Cardona3
Onkyo TX-SR600 Receiver - Sound Setting Anonymous3
Good receiver for 6 ohm front speakersMike Both2
ONKYO TX-SR600Mike Both3
Onkyo SR600 great for movies, not great for music, Thinking Marantz...Derek5
Bi-Amping ?? Can a Receiver Bi-Amp???gunner6
Harman kardon avr 525 & polk's 6700 speakersAnonymous5
Yamaha or Harmon Kardon????Phil Krewer4
Onkyo's LFE issue no moreh1pst3r5
Best reciever, speakers and dvd for $1200Karthik5
Onkyo TX-SR500Derek2
What do you think about KENWOOD KRF-X9060D ???Greg Lee2
Rotel RSX-1055 Receiver Charles R. Lewis3
HELP with cut off frequencyh1pst3r2
Passive sub and zone2 denon3803h1pst3r2
Kenwood VR-6070Greg Lee3
Help: No Sound for Surround Back Speaker (THX)Phil Krewer5
Denon AVR 3802 with KEF KHT 2005Anonymous6
Is This a Problemthedude6
A/V stores and websites??Hawk84853
Marantz SR6200 or Panasonic SAHE100Anonymous2
Harmon Kardon avr 525 vs. Yamaha rx-v1300 or 2300 or Denon 3803Anonymous3
Component AND SVideo/RCA Video SwitchingJeff5
Ohms?Greg Lee3
Onkyo DRC500: receiver and 5-disc dvd/cd player in one: too good to...Phil Krewer11
AVR325 plus SpeakersPhil Krewer2
Help with my recieverSanjeev3
Denon3802, Marantz7200, Onkyo SR-800 or Yamaha 2300John Seaford3
96kHz/24-bit digital-to-analog conversion?h1pst3r2
Onkyo TX-SR700gecko3112
Hey H1pPhil Krewer7
Harmon Kardon bass managementJohn K.2
Power Control Line on Kenwood Reveiver???G-DawG2
Pioneer Elite VSX-24TX - power up problem - help!G-DawG4
AVR-2802 No sound on COAX from DVDDerek2
Kenwood VR-6070 VS. Onkyo SR-600Anonymous19
Pioneer VSX-D409 'Turning Off'...Please Helpmeek3
Suggestion on Home Theater System (new at this)Anonymous5
Receiver or DVD player the problem?Derek2
Echo..Echo...My Receiver echosAnonymous3
Pioneer VSX-D811S is this worth the price....(289).?G-DawG2
A/V receiverAnonymous2
The Kenwood Vr-5080Anonymous2
Connecting 6.1 Speakers to Onkyo TX-SR800Phil Krewer2
Not sure what to buy...~$250-350 receiverDerek3
Blowing fuse 6.3A circuit cnp802jason m2
Integra DTR5.3 - Let's have some discussion about this topic.Andymichael5
Onkyo SR600PCKPostHomeTheater2
Denon AVR-1803 speaker connectionsDerek2
Just a Good Basic Receiversuperfecta4
Kenwood VR-6070 VS. Kenwood Sovereign VR-5080YPL4
DVD Player or Receiver the Problem?A. Billmann3
KENWOOD VR-6070 it's the same like KRF-X9060 ?Emanuel4
Kenwood 6070 auto THX EX does this mean THX EX is active.Greg Lee10
Onkyo txsr600 vs yamaha rxv630 vs h kardon avr 525glenn_m2
Onkyo SR600 v HTS 650Rob G9
Kenwood 6070 - assignable optical inputs?Greg Lee6
6 ohm receiver vs. 8 ohm speakers??? please help me!Greg Lee2
Which Receiver for Polk Rti series speakersDerek3
Speaker/reciever impedence questionRB2
Looking for a new receiver ($450 budget)meek8
Denon 1802 problemsA. Billmann3
My kenwood 6070 clicks when i raise the or lower the volume meek4
Not sure which to buy - ~ $250-$350 receiverAnonymous5
Onkyo tx-sr500 vs yamaha rx-v430jan2
Onkyo tx-sr500 (5-channel stereo?)Anonymous4
Receiver on my luggageVisna2
Advice needed: Denon/Marantz/Arcam??Sean Jardine14
HK AVR525z or AVR325zLarry L6
Pioneer VSX-43TX or Sony STR-DA4ES w/ JBL Northridge series? Anonymous9
Electrical Question...Derek2
How do I get on screen display for my new Onkyo 600 rcvr.?Anonymous4
Receiver not receiving digital soundsuperfecta3
Tough decision in choosing a new receiverG.DawG7
Kenwood VR-616???John Y3
Volume too high?Anonymous3
A/V QuestionAnonymous3
Volume levelssuperfecta2
DVD JukeboxDerek2
What's the difference between the RX and HTR version Yamaha's?Anonymous2
Help picking a reciever...G.DawG3
Wondering about the new PIONEER line(912k 812k)any one used the uni...meek2
Denon AVR-4803 vs. Sony DA7es (PLEASE HELP!)joesmith15
6 ohm receiverDerek2
Help!! What should I get? Onkyo TX-SR700 or Denon AVR-2803gecko3112
Rotel or Sony???edwelly4
Advice Please...HK AVR 125 or Yamaha 5550Anonymous9
Suggestions for A/V reciever for $600???A. Billmann2
Please help! Receivers, receivers, receivers...Anonymous5
KLH HA 7000 reviews anyone?Anonymous4
Trouble deciding between HK AVR525 and Onkyo SR600 and SR700Steve4
Bose 701 Speaker Advicegeorge2
Playing dvd audios on Kenwood 6060Brian Anderson3
Onkyo TX-NR900 with Bose speakers?mike saggi4
Sound's getting muddy... please helpsuperfecta3
Sony STR -D790 receiverken2
Onkyo tx-sr800Anonymous55
Bi-amping....alan brimble2
Denon 3803 Sleep functionAnonymous2
Not enough component problemDerek2
Newbie question: What is crossover?AL6
Denon 2802 volume issuesAudio Student7
Onyko TX600 Turns Off Speaker Bank ADerek2
Integra 7.2 for $799 good price or not.Anonymous2
Component Video SwitchingTim22
Remote control for the Pioneer Elite VSX-43TXAnonymous5
Rotel RSX 1065 vs. Integrakraothal2
Hook up 2 receivers to 1 set of speakers ?? Derek2
Receiver AdviceAnonymous3
Overload circuit protection questionken7
Need help with my JVC RX-715V receiver JLS2
Such thing as splitting a monophonic amp to 2 channels???John K.2
DENON Warranty PolicyAnonymous6
Remote on the Sony STR-DB1080 Anyone know how to use it ?Frank Visler2
Outlaw RecieverJeffrey2
Noise problems with Marantz SR7300anthony landry14
Hey H1pAnonymous28
Zone 2 speakers; Front Effect Speakers; and 2nd SubMiguel2
Sony audio receiver de885Miguel2
Looking for 5.1 receiver that is 12" deep Derek4
Problems setting up onkyo tx-sr600warndt3
What exactly is the ....Derek2
Denon 683xp reviewsAnonymous7
Yamaha RX-Z1 Digital Home Theater Receiver ReviewAnonymous6
Denon 1803 vs. 2802Miguel3
Yamaha HTR-5560 sound problems...Miguel2
H1pst3r or Phil... I need your expertise...Miguel3
Wattage and High-Current HelpMiguel4
Onkyo 800 with Polk RM6600??Miguel2
Kenwood 6070 or Onkyo 501...TeeVee Boy3
Help with VCR/CABLE/RECIEVER ConnectionsDerek2
H1pst3r, or anyone else - HK 525 cooling fan???HK510 owner6
ONKYO TX-SR600 OR DENON AVR-2802 ?Anonymous11
Onkyo versus denon receiversAnonymous2
Please help me with selecting a receiver for under $1K for my ParadigmAnonymous8
Kenwood vr 6070JOEY WOODSON12
Please help me .....about KENWOOD VR 6070 receiverAnonymous2
I could really use your help!!chris spiegel4
Difference between Onkyo and Integra?someone needing help11
How does HIGH CURRENT help your music??innovatative guy39
Onkyo "SR600" vs Harman Kardon "AVR-320" or "AVR-520"...Anonymous9
Anyone a new owner of the Yamaha RX-V1300?ratskrad15
Onkyo TX SR 500E and Bose Accoustimass 15Miguel3
Does anyone know anything about HD radio?Derek2
Pioneer VSX D411E. K. London9
AUGH! Sony STR-DE545 receiver w/DVD jukebox givin' me fits!Anonymous5
Onkyo tx sr500 helpBudd8
Opinion on Yamaha RXV 2200 or RXV 2300eCoustics2
Denon CuriosityDerek2
Help me decideCraig McKerlie3
Willing to spend $350Craig McKerlie4
Marantz SR6300 questionMert2
VSX-D307 Owners ManualNasir6
What speakers for a HK 525Dropez7
Onkyo questionpag2
Anybody got this Denon AVR -1803 ?Anonymous3
Please help meDerek2
Best Budget Reciever ($200-$250)?Luiz Veloso11
Rear surround speakers? John K.9
Harman Kardon AVR 325, Onkyo TXSR600, and Athena Point 5 will they ...Maximo4
Denon AVR-1803 vs HK AVR-225Hawk7
Help on Denon 1803 and Pioneer DV355Anonymous4
Denon AVR 1803 what is best speaker match with it ?Anonymous3
Kenwood VR-6070 - 110 Volt/220 Volt Sudhir2
LFE adjustment on yamaha 420G.DawG2
Pioneer VSXD912K QuestionWarder456
Where can you find Refurbished Recievers?Budd4
$700 price rangeG.Dawg2
Help!! Which receiver and 7.1 question!!!Jeff Williams6
Just bought HT650receiver..cant get my rear(surround)speakers to pl...Anonymous2
What's 7.1 system?????WILL5
Sony str-de945 help please...John K.2
Yamaha vs Pioneer vs OnkyoAnonymous3
Sony lissa pc connectivityDenis James7
Marantz 9300 Vrs Rotel 1065Ian J Robinson5
What is THD and is the THD (~1%25) any good on the Pioneer VSX-D912...John K.2
Kenwood 6060 or a Marantz SR4300?scott8
DVD player (with decent music audio) - $500 ?Alex2
Is there a difference between harman Kardon avr 320 and avr 325???GT2
HK-AVR320 or HK-AVR225GT2
Hooking up digital for the first timeBrent Richards3
Better speakers?Alberto3
JVC RX912 VBK vs. Pioneer VSX D912K vs. H&K AVR 525SPORTSFANSRULE ®©2
Please Help!!!!Derek2
Pioneer VSX-D711 hookup helpDerek2
Money^^^ YOUR A MORON ^^^3
How Do I connect a subwoofer to Sony str-d790?Scott S.4
Which receiver best match Polk Lsi9?TW3
Looking at Marantz SR7300 and Definitive Studio Cinema 350 speakers..?Anonymous2
Integra ?Joe-blo10
4 ohm and 8ohm concurrently receiver compatibilityAnonymous2
Good Receiver for Boston AcousticsAnonymous2
Questions about HK AVR 325 and 525GT2
Are ...Anonymous4
I cant decide. onkyo txsr600, harmon kardon avr225, or denon avr1803Anonymous14
Ahhh - I'm confused - Onkyo vs ???Adam4
Yamaha HTR 5550 with a Bose Acoustimass 15 Series IIAnonymous3
Pioneer or yamaha?khellandros6611
Recivers for a work in progress system.yale0064
Should I get an HK225?thej0urney7
Hooking up Onkyo TX-SR600?Anonymous14
Damsell in Distress!!!Derek4
Looking for a reciever to pair with JBL SCS150SIAnonymous4
Pioneer VSX-D711 ReceiverAnonymous2
Upgrading from 5.1 to 7.1Mat Walker6
?Denon 3801 speaker set up - helpAnonymous4
DTS 96/24 ???mike5
Connecting 6.1 speakers to a 7.1 receiverMoon Baby2
Kenwood KRF-V5550Anonymous2
Dum question: what is cross over frequency?Derek2
JVC RX-8030VBK and JVC RX-7030VBK receiversMark Andre3
Bose 802 series-II &HK 3475 recieverAnonymous2
X-over Question - HelpAnonymous2
High out-put receiver for under 700 for a work in progress systemAudio Guy2
Onkyo 600 surround phase?zeff4
Any feedback on the new pioneer vsx-d912 ?Adam C5
Onkyo TX SR601Anonymous2
How good if a receiver will I get for 300$?Derek3
Avr1803 or sr5300 & am6II + vcs10 + powered sub?pablos3
What to buyDerek2
Integra 6.3 and Energy Encore Speakersdjsco3
Help! My Sherwood receiver keeps cutting outMark4
PLEASE HELP - ONKYO 601 OR DENON 1803 OR...qdog3
Denon 3803 and Paradigm Monitor 5s (system 6)Steve Lenahan2
JBL SCS 150 - Please helpsuperfecta4
Receivers for B&W VM1 speakersnewbigland6
High-end Vs. mid -endAnonymous27
HK AVR-225 for 300 yale0064
192hz/24 bits "dumb" question...Duran5
Help with Kenwood VR6070 hook-upTYRONE COTTON13
Yamaha YHT-740Arup Roy Chowdhury2
Marantz SR-7300 vs. Sony STR-DA4ES vs. Pioneer Elite VSX 45TXSTEVE LEMONS3
Can someone please tell me......Derek2
Thinking about an upgradeDarren5
Refurbished marantz receivers, any good?G-Man3
Help setting up a sony str-de885 receiver!!!kay8
Getting out of Yamaha Rec,Best choice for KlipschJeff Hintz4
Help!! Sony HTIB setup w/o manualallan k. Crepaldi4
Panasonic SA-HE 100KRich10
All experts - Yamaha, HK or Onkyo (or other)?Jay4
JVC 8020 receiver?Anonymous9
Whats the difference between the Yamaha HTR-5650 and the RX-V540?Mike 26
Semi-complete review of the HK AVR525Anonymous27
Pioneer VSX-9500SDale Franklin5
Noise reduction?Derek4
Polk RTi70 speakers ok for Onkyo tx sr800? Anonymous7
Plastic, burning smell from HK525 -- Help!Anonymous2
Deneo 3803 vs HK 525 ????Hawk2
Sony 995 Vs. Kenwood 770G.DawG2
JBL Studio Speaker + Harman Kardon AVR525?Anonymous4
Banana plugs or not?Kermit Da Frog9
Pioneer VSX-D811S volume problemsAnonymous2
Harman 325 v Onkyo 800Hawk2
Ths should Help All Those"Which Receiver To buy?"Questions G.DawG5
Trouble-shooting Kenwood VR-6070, Digital Co-Axial, DTS detection i...Simon13
Harman Kardon 525 ?Daniel Benatar4
2 spk outside, 2 spk basement, 2 spk bedroom, plus LR - what kind o...Derek3
Please help!!mike2
Onkyo, H/K, and Denon oh my...Which receiver will satisfy me the mo...Hawk7
Marantz SR5200 vs. Denon AVR-1802 vs. Yamaha RXV520Anonymous11
Receiver for B&W DM601s3?dong rodriguez7
Onkyo tx sr800/onkyo 701 dvd audio helpBudd4
Kenwood VR-6060, Pioneer VSX-D811S, Sony STR-DE985 ???Jon K18
Center channel speaker and subwoofer in a budget??Anonymous6
Sub Connections??? Help??? Help??????jon k3
Help with Reciever and SpeakersAustin13
Denon 2802 On Screen Display for System Setupcary duncan4
Help with looking for a new recieverHawk4
Pioneer 45txelitefan17
College student needs guidanceJohn K.5
Yaamaha rxv 3300 AV vs NAD T762 with Snell speaker ?Hawk3
Picking up an reciever Need helpHawk5
Denon 3801, 3802 or 3803?Barry3
What is the best AV receiver for B&W DM602 S3 speakers?Anonymous2
Mission M74i or B&W dm-s602s3?babak5
Harman Kardon AVR325, Marantz SR6200, Onkyo TX-600Hawk2
Harman Kardon AVR-325 - No Phono Input? HelpHawk5
BIC America speakers?Anonymous2
Pioneer Elite 43TX ???Peter Pan3
This Concerns EVRYBODY ------- Polk Audio say that we are hooking ...superfecta3
TV volumeDerek5
Onkyo TX-SR500 in Protect ModeAnonymous2
What's the best speaker connection?Anonymous3
Optical VS Coaxial VS Component VS RCA?Shigiman3
New Yamaha Receivers Look Awesome!Hawk4
Buying used receiver- Comments wantedHawk2
Guess how much i paid for my surround sound systemGT6
KEF KHT 2005 speakers - WHICH RECEIVER?Hawk3
Onkyo 650 or Receiver and 2 speakers?Frank8
Denon 3802 - Help, please, I'm so very disappointed.Anonymous15
LSi series Polk into Onkyo SR800G-Man3
HT Setup Question - Need for a Receiver?guest10
Bose Speakersjohnb2
Searching for an A/V receiver that can still perform stereo functionsHawk2
Worst Receiver EVER!Hawk13
Separate b&k 125.7 amp or NAD T762 ?Hawk9
Pioneer VSX-D307 infoWayne Stewart3
S-video to ComponentDerek8
Someone please help me with my Sony Reciever and surround systemVegard5
SACD x DVD-Audio: What is the best?Anonymous6
Question: Hooking up car woofer to home receiverDerek2
Onkyo 760 owners...Steve Klenner2
Fuzzy center channel on TEAC receiverDerek2
DirecTV surround?G.DawG2
Marantz at cost, or Onkyo at full price?Hawk9
Harmon Kardon AVR225 vs. YamahaRX-V1300bpblotr21
Pioneer 811S .....Help........... Help...........superfecta2
Pioneer 811S........ Help ............ Help..............KK3
Denon AVR ReceiverHawk2
Upgrading Receiver - Help!Tom Hazle14
Hey Hawk....Take a shot at this, H/K 7200 overheating ??whiteusmc754
Speakers for a NAD T762Steve McKenna7
Luxman LR 3000 Receiver ???Mkono mmoja10
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B & KHawk7
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Pioneer VSX-D912K ???? HELP Steve3
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Yamaha RX-V1400 with the JBL SCS160SI (Hawk help!)Anand1
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Yamaha or Onkyo..which will be my first Reciever?Anonymous6
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Yamaha RX-V1 vs Denon AVR-3803, which one to keep?thf20
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Any reviews on the new Sony ES Recievers ?Stelios Christofides2
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PSB Stratus Gold and Onkyo TX-SR600-Hawk etc. please help! Long Post!D. Spitzig19
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