Toshiba Laptop External Display Problem


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On my Toshiba Satellite P15-S479, running WinXP, I used to be able to use Fn+F5 to switch to my external display. Recently pressing Fn+F5 brings up the same menu as always, but the only option is the LCD display. I used to have CRT and TV as options. Is anyone familiar with this problem?

Thanks in advance,

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Toshiba Laptop Computer - Crummiest Product EVER
I bought my son a Toshiba laptop to take away to his first year of college, 200 miles away from home.He came home for a 1-week intercession, started studying and using the Toshiba and the hard drive burnt out. The laptop is 11 months old and cost $2,500 approx.I took it to the Toshiba warranty shop and was told to call the next day so I could pick it up. I called for 5 days straight, same answer: "tomorrow"Finally, a "supervisor" told me "no hard drives in stock, all on back order, no ETA"My son was going to fail his college courses as term papers were due the following week.The first independent repair shop I went to got me an installed original Toshiba Hard Drive in 1 day.I was told that it is a very well known scam, whereby warranty is denied so that Toshiba can sell a new drive.Tallying up the week lost, the new "out of warranty" drive, the transportation back and forth to pick up all software belonging to the College Intranet Network and configuration software, the labour to re-install all and the time constraints of having to hand in term papers and not being able to have a laptop to prepare or retrieve data, my cost was over $ 2,500.The hardening of the arteries (my wife's and mine's) are a bonus.The icing on the cake came when internet searches revealed this Toshiba to have a factory installed defective drive that was hidden from me but was acknowledged on the Toshiba site. So, the company knew and still hangs me out to dry. A further net search revealed a $2.1 billion class action lawsuit already "settled' by Toshiba in the US "for selling defective laptops"(ZD Net) Plus, naturally, hundreds of letters of complaints and outright hatred from duped consumers, such as I.

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Toshiba just does not give a damn!
Faced with two class action lawsuits, it is now just a question of: are you, Mr. Consumer going to buy my product blindly?
If you do, and it craps out(a good chance, evidenced by a simple websearch)YOU ARE ON YOUR OWN!
Good luck to all!

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Disagree have not had a single problem with my Satelite for over 3 years. Even at school dloading stuff, when my friends Dells, IBM's, and HP's etc were crapping out.

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My Toshiba System Board is broken. The Power connector is loose.
It has a litle more than 1 year, so no warranty.

To be fixed is gonna cost $900. Laptop is worth $600.

I paid $1850 about 14 month ago.

Thank you Toshiba!

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Toshiba is awesome. Excellent value and excellent product. The only thing better is Sony, but they're overrated, overpriced, and you pay too much for the design.

Alienware is gamers only-just a good card and nothing else, even their screens are trash.

Dell XPS? Too chunky.

Toshiba really is the best.

I have a Satellite A70 PSA70C and the screen fades whilst working to almost white and cannot see anything, whilst the machine seems to be working. Because the lights for the harddisk continues to blink, especially when I press a key. This happens very often.
I live in Ghana but bought the machine in Canada. I got it looked at when I visited Canada recently but nothing wrong was detected. I am back in Ghana and the screen has started going white blank. It does not go black blank as it happens when it hibernates, but blank with the color white.

Does anyone know what might be wrong with my machine???



Toshiba Junk
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Toshiba Satellite A75s is JUNK.
14 months of unsatisfactory performance.
DC plug keeps breaking from mother board and system is always shutting down.
Broke or malfunctioning 99.9% of time.
Never buy the brand again.

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DC jacks breaking from the motherboard is HUGELY commmon on ALL laptops! The problem is not limited to Toshiba!! Consumers just don't know how to treat laptops. It's sick with how trashed they get. Don't recklessly shove the DC cable into the jack, be gentle!

It's probably shutting down because you have spyware and viruses.

Overall your experience can be blamed on your part, not the laptop, though the A75 does happen to be Toshiba's worst laptop (design-wise).
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