Homemade stereo stand


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Here are a couple of shots of a stand I made before Christmas. I made the shelves narrower at the back & arched the front for visual appeal. I also like the way the wood compliments the threaded rod. I used a lazy susan so I could get at the wires without having to pull the whole stand out.


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looks nice.
you could use some wite ties for cable management though *grin*
when I built my rack, I used a narrow panel down the back with holes at each shelf level for cable routing. keeps everything tight and hidden..
anyway just a thought. it'd keep the cables out of the way when you turn the rack.

the adjustable shelf height is a nice touch, but probably a pain to level.

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I cut ovals into the rear of the shelves, tapped finishing nails besides the openings & used twist ties to keep the wires in the ovals. It's hard to get away from the rats-nest syndrome, though. I read in Sound & Vision that it's bad to keep the wires bunched together since interference might occur. They recommended letting the wires hang loose.
The shelves weren't too bad to adjust. The worst part was initially getting the nuts to the approximate location. I then fine-tuned with a level. It looks like one foot of the receiver is a little taller than the other, & this makes the shelves look a little bit odd, though.

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actually in regards to cable routing, if you want to group cables, and avoid noise introduction, just group the power cables and signal cables separately.
This is pretty much the same idea as running signal lines away from power lines in a car system, although a car system is much more highly suseptable to noise, being a DC voltage system, whereas home audio is not only earth grounded, but using an AC voltage for power, so noise really isn't as big of a concern if you do it right from the start with a well isolated power circuit for the audio system and what not.

Anyway jsut a thought. you can still use cable management, just segregate teh power lines, and signal lines.
A lot of home audio is all digital now anyway with SPDIF and TOSLink, and IEEE1394, so once again, you get noise rejection, but it can be a valid concern in a poorly designed or implemented setup.

In the end, if you can't hear any noise floor, then it's good enough. I can measure noise on a scope you'll never hear, but would that matter to a person's ears? :-)


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What is and were do you get a 'lazy susan'?

Ed Sullivan
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flexy racks are the best shelfs you can get IMO well usally u gotta make em but still good job with that

a lazy susan from what i can remeber is a small elevator in usally older larger house that was used to take usally food or other small items like laundry between floors of the house

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What Ed Sullivan just described is known as a "dumb waiter'.

A "lazy susan" is a turntable with storage on top of it, as shown in Topher's picture link rear photo.

Excellent job Topher, I'm thinking about making the same type of stand.

Here are links to similar rod and nut stands:

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ure all geeks

E. Ramsey
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I use a black wire rack, the kind with the posts and plastic sleeves,74 "high, 18" deep,and 48" long. These units can be purchased readily at Lowes or Home Depot. There are also numerous companies on the internet that sell them as well. Go to Google.com type in "wire shelving". These racks are very strong and will support hundreds of pounds of weight. You can also cut plywood or fiberboard to fit the shelves. E. Ramsey AAS industrial electronics.

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Vangelis - What were thinking when the final string broke? Can you please explain yourself.

PS - Bring the pizza this time, you dirty mother.

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very nice rack you have made.. I tried to make it for me the same but somehow everything messed up badly.. can you please give me some tips for it?
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