Q: Running coaxial digital audio over twisted pair


Does anyone here have any practical experience running coaxial digital audio over a single twisted pair? The wiring contractor was retarded, and I'm searching for solutions.

I have a bundle of cables running from my LAN/AV closet to my TV projector. I'd like to locate a PC (or game console) along side the projector and use its DVI input for high-res display. I can use a wireless KB/mouse, but don't know what to do with the audio.

Between the projector and the closet, there are 5 coax cables, all used (2 for SVideo, 3 for component), and a single CAT5 (UTP). Of its 4 pairs, one is already used for remote sensing, and I'll need two for ethernet. That leaves only one free pair.

Now, I know that, if the distance is short enough, any old conductor will work. Heck, I could use a coat hanger and aluminum foil if I only need to go a couple of inches. However, this run is probably around 60-70 feet.

Can I do it? Will it handle more than just PCM stereo, like Dolby Digital or DTS? Is there another way, such as a matching set of converters?
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