Oxygen free speaker wires good or bad ??


The Doctor
Hey guys, I need HELP, what's the difference between the oxygen free cables and the regular ones, which is better, I bought a 14 guage 50' oxygen free copper cable for 9.99. ( car speakrs' cable)

I have another question, is there a difference between the car speakers' cables and the home speakers' cables? can I use the car cables for my onkyo system ? thanks :)

Joong-In Rhee
Cables are cables so you can use it in many places. Oxygen free is better - if your speakers are high end, they probably deserve better cables. has cable section. Cables do make a difference! Your system is as good as the weakest link, and in many cases, we buy components and not get their best performance because of the cables used. The RCAs included must go. $30 monster will be an improvement.
So, improve the weakest link, and you will be rewarded!
But also don't go overboard and spend more than %10 of the entire system cost on cables.
You can chat on and get suggestions.
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