Monster made a difference.


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This is possibly one of those few cases where Monster did what it advertised.

Ever since I obtained my new TV, image quality had suffered from horizontal line problems (a slightly bright horizontal line would scroll up the screen). I did some testing to ascertain that it wasn't the fault of the TV (connected my laptop to it), so that was clean. Since I ran my cable and DVD player through by receiver, I figured that might be the culprit and directly connected the DVD player to the TV. Still nothing.

So my next step was to obtain a component video cable to connect the DVD player directly to the TV. Problem solved. The S-Video cables caused the problem!

That of course leads to the interesting part. I had 3 S-Video cables, two of which were Monster and the other was a shielded Phillips variety. Given that I'm a neat freak, I decided to ditch the Phillips and use the two Monsters for the remaining video connections. Suddenly, the lines were gone, and the picture was notably better than it had been previously.

Before the Phillips had been connecting the receiver to the TV, and since it was the longest cable I had available, it was the one I had chosen to use to directly connect the DVD player to the TV to see if the receiver was the problem. As such, everything I ever watched through it was turned to crap.

Overall I have to say I'm a little shocked by this incident. I picked up the Phillips because it I figured: ehh a cable is a cable, and at least its shielded, so it should be of OK quality. I guess I was wrong...

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I don't know that I can agree with you whole heartedly on this one. I do agree that Monster makes a technically superb cable, but I have yet to see it make any discernable difference in picture quality (when the cable run is under 20ft.). Personally I do just as well with cheaper brands.

To each his own I suppose.

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Its the first time I ever noted a difference myself. Its entirely possible the Phillips' construction was utterly sub-par and let through EMI or RFI whereas the Monster is a little better about it. Either way, the difference was plain for anyone (not just an @nal retentive character like myself) to see. Before there were marginally bright horizontal lines scrolling up the screen (particularly notable on still shots, etc), and afterwards the picture was clean.
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