Y - Connector for Subwoofers???? Please Help....


I have a JBL PB-10 with connections to my Receiver (Sub Out).

The sub has both L and R input.

Would it be better to use a Y - connector and use both signals or just use 1 channel?

If so or if not, why? Please explain in detail.

Many Many Thanks,

i read somewhere that there is a 10 dB increase if a y cable is used to connect both L and R of the sub. That means more bass for the same signal.

Yes, it would be better to use a Y-connector for your sub. That's what I did for my Velodyne HGS-12. Definitely an increase in bass and since mine uses the signal from the subwoofer cable to auto on itself, the Y-connector helped the subwoofer to auto on itself at a lower set volume from my pre-amp. Jansen is correct in his statement about an increase of 10 dBs. I have read articles stating the same with a range of 3-10 dB increase in bass. You can't go wrong adding a Y-connector to your sub.

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If it is a JBL, then one of the inputs (left, I believe), should be LFE (low frequency signals only) that comes directly from your receiver. Just connect the sub out to the LFE jack. I know that the JBL PB-12 works that way.

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If anyone needs a quality Y connector, just ran across this at Parts Express:
http://www.partsexpress.com/pe/showdetl.cfm?&User_ID=18419390&St=9806&St2=-80707 133&St3=70683438&DS_ID=3&Product_ID=117481&DID=7
Thanks, Hawk. I was looking for a place to order decent cabling at a reasonable price.

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I myself have a Y connector from the receiver to a 500 watt peavey amp. I have a pair of subs on each side of the front speakers....works great!! Sounds great as well.
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