Difference between Marantz RC 2000 & Mark II?


I just won one on ebay for $76. The description is for a Mark II, but I realized that it was cut & pasted. What is the difference between Mark I & Mark II?


barry Marsh
Get on their web site and sort it out for yourself,you muppet!

the Marants RC2000 mk II : the functionality is the same as previous model a few buttons are different for example newer model will say DVD rather than LD (laser disk) and these are seldome seen any more , I do hope it cam with a book , if not try to find someone who can send you the download page , as these things eat batteries! and if you spend all the time to program it is a bear to reprogram , keep an eye on battery condition and maybe get a good set of NMH rechargable! with two set of batteries

Dan LaChappelle

some good information and reviews


The MK II has eeproms which do not loose the programming when you change the batteries. The rc2000 original eats batteries.

Unregistered guest
I'm not sure what the difference is between the two. I think its just an upgraded version. You can check out KevinKringle.com I haven't been there yet but it might be a lead to answer your question.
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