Can you put an adapter on Coax for better video quality?


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I just got one of those new Dishnetwork boxes that control 2 TV's with one unit and have 2 seperate DVR's built in that run independently. Its pretty slick.

For the 2nd TV there is a coax out and it runs from my master bedroom to my kitchen through a coax cable. I had a crummy TV at first, so the picture and sound looked ok. I just put up a stereo lcd tv and now the picture doesnt look so hot and the audio is in mono.

The cables are already run through my house and through walls, so running more cables from my bedroom to my kitchen are not an option. Everything is running off this one coax cable to my kitchen.

The back of the Dishnetwork receiver has both RCA and s-video outputs. Is there an adaptor for s-video to F (coax) that I could put at both ends of the coax and use the s-video out on the receiver and s video in on the TV? Would this improve the picture quality?

For the audio, I was thinking of using a wireless transmitter that would plug into the rca outs in the receiver and the RCA ins on the TV. Hopefully someone makes speakers that could accomadate this setup that would clip onto my TV? Anyone make a good stereo wireless transmitter that would fit the bill?

My LCD is hanging on the wall with nothing around it. It looks so clean as there is only a coax cable and a plug that are behind the receiver so you see nothing but the LCD. I want to keep this look.

The distance from my receiver to the kitchen LCD is about 100 feet and it would be next to impossible to route more cables as it has to go through multiple walls with no crawlspace or attic access.

Anyone have other suggestions?

Thanks in advance

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My Nvidia graphics card to TV-Out is a S-Video connection but the TV I want to use only has a coax connection. What can I do cheaply?

Same problem here. I have coax in the walls and nothing else now. What is the answer to hook up the new breed of tvs that don't have a coaxial input???

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no no no no no.
It's Coax cable right? it won't get any better. Ever.

you can get modulators to convert S-video to coax on chanel 3 or 4 for about 20 or 30 bucks. the other way around needs a tuner, and those are 100 to 200 bucks.
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