S-Video and Optical Connections


I am considering upgrading my cables (where required) to a mix of S-video and Optical. but have two questions....

1. From DVD to Receiver - I am thinking optical, but i am not clear if I still need S-video for the video signal. is optical only for the audio?

2. From SAT to REC and REC to TV. I am thinking S-video. But again, is S video only for the Video signal, and do I still need the analog cables for the Audio signal. Is S-Video for Video signal only ??

Yes. S-Video is only for the video signal. Optical cables are only for audio signals. Your connection description will work. You don't have to connect S-Video through your receiver, but it will make switching between components much easier.

Stay away from fiber-optic for digital audio transfer,...stick with digital co-ax for that; it's proven to be more stable and less compromising than fib-op. Choose dig-co-ax cables w/ a 110ohm impedance rating (as opposed to a 75ohm). For video use the S-video connect unless you've got a display over 40-50 inches, on displays that size the component video connects show the greatest performance.--johnnyjb59@aol.com

Larry E. Janousek
Just set up new home theatre system. DVD image great on panasonic 47" widescreen. Dish Direct Satellite receiver image only "ok" on new monitor. The only way I have figured out how to connect DBS receiver to monitor is via standard coax direct from "Out to TV" to "Ant. In" on monitor. S-Video connection is available on DBS receiver but image will not get to TV via S-Video input. Is there any way to improve satellite image on monitor or am I stuck with coax connection as only way. Does this sound like a cabling issue or a DBS signal issue?

Johnny, I was wondering if you could explain why to go with 110 ohm coax over 75 ohm?


Is there any possible way to connect a svideo connection when i dont have one on my tv. i just have rca hookups and the normal cable screw on.

John Sayre

Try this: http://www.svideo.com/prosvideo6.html

This should do what you'd like.

I am looking for a flat panel monitor. Should I go digital instead of analog for the connection ?? My video card presently has an s-video connection. Can I connect my new monitor with this or will I need a new video card. Thanks


Unregistered guest
I do have a satelite receiver and would like to watch via a LCD display instead of a normal TV. Do I need to buy a LCD TV, or can I buy a LCD monitor? This is much cheaper!

The shop says that it is not possible, but I can not believe that there is no way!

looking forward to a reply!
Kind regards, Govert

Sure you can use a LCD monitor. You just have to make sure it has an rca input for a video signal.
You'll also have to run audio through something else since the LCD monitor is a monitor only.
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