Knowing what to listen for in these remixed DVD editions?


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Knowing what to listen for and looking for deliberant errors in the sound mix often shows the lack of supervision of the transfer from all the soundtrack elements from dialogue music and sound effects (DME). Since I only brought DVD for one soil purpose the universal discrete sound format of Dolby Digital 5.1 and yet with many popular titles like...

Alien: Quid box-set
Superman the Movie directors cut and theatrical version
2001 A Space Odyssey
Top Gun special edition
Escape From New York
Star Trek the Motion Picture director's edition
Star Trek V the Final Frontier and special edition version as well
Die Hard and special edition version as well
Titanic special edition
Lawrence of Arabia

Now that's a list of some that have really honestly disappointed me, mostly the difference is in the language, where some show that music is not been tampered with, sound effects remain intact, dialogue is not the issue in this thread it boils down to sound effects and music!

I would say 98% of the members on this site haven't noticed this where you would notice the film as been cut due to the BBFC, well frankly I don't what to hear that name mentioned they offend me! Just as something they can't handle themselves, bunch of wimps!

Now if you happen to have some of the above titles as mentioned then stick them on the DVD player and listen very hard! It takes a trained ear to notice this and thou film soundtracks are completely fabricated with only a basic production soundtrack to work with which helps the performers to follow the dialogue for the ADR process that's not really the issue in this thread I know when there is an ADR fault in the mix it's a uncommon thing that rarely crops up these days!

So listen out for Superman the Movie, doesn't matter which DVD version the soundtrack has been sadly remixed but just one little thing like a newspaper can really spoil my day big time!

Perry White holds a newspaper just after he says "get on that story"! Holds it in his hands turns his back to the camera and tugs on the paper! Listen to the various language versions you'll hear it!

Also some of the soundtracks have sounds effects or dialogue panning placed in the wrong position, now I know I said dialogue isn't really the issue, it's knowing the soundtrack on these beloved films that sounds quite frankly, dreadful and not true to the original theatrical realise on none special editions or in the case of some well mixed special editions which show good measures of re-mixing techniques but in the case of some of the above I have kinder lost faith with some special editions now!
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