Sony Xplod cdx-4000x Problem......


Found this place while looking for some answers but it seems as if everyone here is experiencing similar garbage with their Sony hu.....

I've had my deck for 3 years & it's been great.....until now.
All of a sudden, out of the blue, it won't play ANY discs. Any cd or cdr I stick in there spins for a moment(but doesn't play), then reads "ERROR" & the unit shuts itself off. Anyone have any ideas????

my cdx-4000x just wont work. ti will produce sond but the screen and almost all the buttond dont work ant to top that the cd player has a cd stuck in it ain the eject light dosent come on help my

my cdx-4000x just wont work. it will produce sond but the screen and almost all of the buttons don't work and to top that the cd player has a cd stuck in it aid the eject light dosent come on HELP ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have a problem, as Josh is having. My car has been dead for a year, my stereo was working great before my car died, I left the stereo in the car, not that the car works, I can't get the stereo to work right. It does just as Josh says above and it is really getting to me.

Get a new HU. Sony is junk!!!

I think this will be an easy fix.

Open the HU and get a cotton swab. Clean the lens gently. It should take care of your problem.

Has done this many times already.

Marie S.
Sony decks do tend to have a lot of problems. I've owned the cdx 4000x and have had all of the problems described. Had two sony HUs and gave up on them.
Got a Kenwood and problems were solved, however I personally recommend Pioneer.

Jonathan P.
I have owned my cdx-4000x for almost 3 years and the only problem I have ever experienced is that it has problems reading some cd's with scratches on them. I bought a kit a couple of years ago that contained a cleaning cd in it that would clean the lens by just playing the cd and I have never had any problems with it besides that. I think that problems usually come about because of the lack of care that are given to head units. Just my opinion.

You are not alone. I have the EXACT problem with mine. I get so frustrated that I want to rip it out of the dash and throw it out the window.

I will try the cleaning technique but that sounds too easy an answer for the un-nerving frustration I have experienced that past year.

I was happier with my tape deck.

i had my sony cdx-4000x for 5 years now and the only problem i had was, like Jonathan P. , the HD has some problemes reading a scratched cd. It dosent have no probleme boosting the 2x 760W amps for the tow 12'' 900w :D

I had the same problem that Ellmo have .. do any one knows what to do . ?

I have had this deck for over 2 years and I have never really any major problems with it. I have run into the same small problem as Abdullah and Ellmo but I pushed the reset button behinid the face plate and it went away. It has happened to me twice and both times that fixed the problem in seconds.

has anyone experienced bad reception with the sony cdx4000x? It's in a 91 mazda 626. No power antenna.

I need help hookin an amp to a cdx4000x HU. the amp is a sony 444watt just bought it last night. The thing that is getting me is the remote wire. i cant figure out were to hook it into. all of this is going into a 1991 sundance

Mark Lang
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All of who have given up on your cdx 4000x cd player because it will not read the cd just hold on a sec , forget the disc cleaners all you have to do is have the cd in the player and push the restet, and there you have it. sounds to easy to be true try it and prove me wrong. I did this yesterday and it worked, hope it woks for all of you

Geff Adams
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I pushed the reset as Mark suggested and the unit seems to be working again. However, the "beep" that the unit makes when changing radio stations, for example, is now extremely loud. Has anyone experienced similar behavior or found a "fix"?

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the fix is to dump Sony and get a better head unit :-)


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Hey whats up everyone, ive had my sony explod active black panel head unit for well over a year now and i love it but it skips when the bass hits
hard. Is there anything i could do to fix this prob. damn its so annoying( i know sony has a bad rep. and all but..... any suggestions- jay--anyone--thanks------

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get a new head unit i know--thow this crap away

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i have a sony excd-206. niether the cd player nor the memery works any more. when i say memery i mean that i program a radio station in one of the presets and turn the car off. when i turn the car on again its like its the the batery was disconected and the preset is gone anyone know if the can be fixed?

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Had the Sony CDX-4000x for about 3 years and one day the FM radio stopped worked. AM works fine.
This is the Third Sony Deck I have used and will be the LAST! Sony SUCKS!!! Don't waste your $$

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I have had my sony xplod cdx 4000x for about 3 years and have not had any problems. However, I put it in a 1991 Escort GT and I am having trouble with the wireing. Where can I find a diagram of the wireing harness. It looses it's memory after it's been off for about ten minutes. Other than that I have no complaints.

Where is this purported reset button? I am having a problem slightly different than those above. I changed my battery for the first time since I got my deck. Now there are no lights on the deck at all. It doesn't play anything either. I found out that it does take a cd, but now it won't give it back. Any advice before I chuck it and get another deck?

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I have the same problems with my CD Player. Does not play any CD's and I just get the error message. Everyone seems to say to hit the reset button. I don't have a manual to find out where the reset button is located. Can anyone Help???

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I have the same problem that ellmo has. I tried with a cd cleaner but it dodn't work. Anybody has an idea?

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Reset buttons are usually found behind the faceplate of the HU. (Or at least I think that's what they are called).

In my opinion, it doesn't hurt to spend a few bucks more on a HU that isn't made by Sony. Also gives you piece of mind. Sony is only good when it comes to hi-fis, home entertainment, and not to mention the ultra cool Sony Viao which I happen to own! Hehehe.

Alpine, Clarion and Premier should have budget models which are far superior than what Sony could bring out for car audio

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i have a sony cdx 4180 and a cdx 4000x anyone know where i can get a new faceplate?

Well, Ive had a Sony Xplod Cdx-4000x for about 4 years now...the guy i bought it off of had it for awhile before that.....and the only problem I get is that every now and then, the screen comes up with everything lit up. All I do is take the faceplate off and re-attach, and it works fine. Not that I like Sony, but its been good to me.

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I got a sony explode 760w amp i hook it up to my 2 12" MTX subs and nothing happens but the over current light comes on i dont know if the amp is blown bc i bought it off ebay if u have ne answers let me know.

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Another prob to watch out for on this HU: CD eating. Put in a CD and it sits halfway out while the deck makes a horrible grinding noise. Only option is to yank the disc out, putting huge straight scratches on it, and having to push the reset button behind the faceplate. Took the thing apart and discovered that the rollers are on a plate which swings up to engage on a gear. Plate has 2 metal tabs which position it which can become bent over time so the gears won't line up, resulting in your deck eating CD's, unless you tilt the disk forward while loading to counteract the roller plate wear. Maybe Sony knew this would happen when they decided to call this P.O.S. an "Xplod." Luckily I was able to fix mine, but unless you're mechanically inclined AND cheap (like myself), I'd advise against a Sony head unit.

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Well lets see i had a older sony xplod had no problems with it and i just bought a Xplod CDX-4000X and i have had no problems with it the person was trying to get rid of it so i bought it for $40

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I have the CDX5000 and it does the same thing with reading discs.It always says "ERROR" and I flip the face down and the CD ejects.I also want to rip it out of the dash and throw it out the window.I will have to try the reset,cd cleaning disc and a cotton swab.If this doesnt help I will have to send Sony a complaint.If that fails I will grab the best tool for the job to fix sledgehammer...=)when I do this I will send a pic of the smashed HU and show sont what I think of their cd players.

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i also had a problem with my cdx-4000x that i bougth came with a wrong face plate a cdx-c7000x that drove the screen crazy.but know it works with a cdx-c5000x face plate.check your stereo chassis make sure the model # matches the face plate .or thatyou have one thats compatible.dont try cdxc7000x or cdxL550x wont work .if you bougth it new then your problem sounds internally or you have a bad connection
with the face plate clean connections with a Q-tip and alcohol it works......alex (jack of all trades master of none).

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ok ok.... ive had my sony head unit for over a year and it has been great, powers speakers awsome, no need to amp the components... powers any amp awsome, even if i splice the low output to make to low outputs for bigger amps.... yea it skips if i play scrached CD's and, you have to take care of your head unit, most take alot of abuse...also putting some alchohol on a qtip and cleaning the little termanals behind the face plate will help alot, also cleaning the lense, ive had better luck with my sony Xplode head unit than even an alpine i had..even tho it was like 6 years old, but u gota remember you get what you pay for, by a claron or alpine deck for 400 and it will last twice as long as a sony Xplode deck for 200, its common sence!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!DUH
the DIRK

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you can try a cd cleaning disc with the lil brush on it. Sony is really unreliable equipment from there radios to subs to there amps.
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