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Hi all dudes,

Can anyone give me some reviews on Cerwin Vega 10" subs. Made in USA.

What's the output quality worth? What's a better deal or option?

If say I do get it, how else can I use supporting equipment to enhance it?


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JL's are your best bet. They are a little expensive but they pound hardere and cleaner than most subs.

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cerwin vega makes excellent subwoofer, especially for their price range - glasswolf will tell you this too :-)

put them in a large ported box tuned to ~34 Hz and give them about the rated RMS power and you will not be dissapointed

JL's aren't always your best but buddy, theres much better deals for the money

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I have a pair of 12" C-V subs I'm very happy with.
I've used them since 1989 when I bought them, and they're still doing quite well.

I like JL as well though. I'm starting to look around at cars, and planning to use a pair of 13W7s in whatever I wind up getting.

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I am looking at a couple of models of CV subs on eBay, 10 inch ones, there is a CV vmx10 and a cheaper 1000w IT model. Also am looking at Infinity Kappa model and a JL Audio 10w0-4. Can anyone give me recommendations or have any experience with these? Amp is Memphis st500d mono. Thanks!!!

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The Cerwin Vega vmx10 sounds awesome. A buddy of mine has 2 of them in his honda civic and they sound great. He is pushing them with a JL 500/1 amp. I love they way they sound.

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Cool, thanks for the info Sony Sucks, they (the CV)will run me under 200 for the pair with shipping, so far so good, anybody else have an opinion as to these versus the Ininity Kappas or the JL? I know the JL is a cheaper model by them and I have heard that not all of their stuff is great, but their higher end stuff kicks butt, and of course I would trust Infinity Kappa (they are not the perfects though) so any other opinions as to what way I should go? Thanks again!!!
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