Importance of input converter polarity


Im wiring a lineout converter in my stock system. I know you are supposed to do right +- and left +- but I cant wire at the speakers I have to get the feed right before it goes into the bose amp......and I have found no one that knows the wiring color codes. The local "PRO" shops use this location regularly with good results. They just seem to have "FORGOT" which exact colors they tied into...they said I should just bring it in and they would make the 5 min connection for a $150! Does the input polarity really have a profound effect? And also lets say you only had one audio source......could you only use the left input or the right input alone and tie it into one audio source and just leave the other un-attached? Or if you had to use them both could you wire the positives and negatives together and then use one audio source?


Does anyone know the answer????
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