Substage for dodge mega cab


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Whats up guys, its been a few years since I have been on ecoustics...looks dead lol but it used to be the only site I valued input from so we'll give it a shot.

Just picked up an 06 dodge mega cab and am having trouble figuring out what to do with it since I want to keep the back seats in this one. Looks like there is a decent amount of space to have a reasonable set up behind the seats. I was debating on just getting a prefab sealed and going sq route but I just can't bring myself to it. Currently I have an 18" SSD on a sundown SAE-1250 which has kept me happy enough for the last 3 years in two vehicles to not blow money changing it up. My favorite setup i had was an 18" RD Alpha V.2 when they first came out powered by a IA 20.1 @ .5ohm and box tuned to ~28hz...that setup was killer. I obviously cant go with that big of a driver in my truck but thought maybe several smaller will make up for it? Never really ran more then a single sub or less then a 15 except for a 10" in my trans am and I did have a 12" HDC3 on an Orion 2500d for about a week before someone decided they needed it more then I did and that fukr was loud and beautiful, tuned a little higher tho (~38hz IIRC).

So to end the rant I kind of wanted to see if there where any new companies that have come up and offer great products or if its still AQ and FI running the more moderately priced market. Also, what could be used for optimal output on ~1200 watts with a multiple sub set up (2-4 10"s)

Mids/highs and sound deadening will all be properly attended, of course.

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I too will be getting a mega-cab soon, and I have examined the backseat to judge what I think will work best. I have narrowed it down to 2x shallowish 12" or 4x SA 8"s. The new Sundown 6.5" sub may be a contender, but I am wary of it because it is so small. As of now, I am leaning towards 4x 8" on 2.5k rms.

I haven't actually measured the space behind the seats, so I don't know what will fit and what will not. If you give us some deminsions, we could better help.

Then again, 10"s would work just fine, but I like to go extreme, one way or the other. Sorry I couldn't offer any real info or knowledge, but a mere rant on my imaginary future vehicle...

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The SW6.5 or new super 8 from DD would be pretty awesome for a truck setup. Many truck guys are loving the 6.5's and USA built.
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