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Hello everyone, I am in need of some help. I had a pair of 6.5" DVC 4 ohm woofers lined up to purchase and then they were sold out. Read a few threads on LS1tech and saw that many guys like the elemental designs eu-700 or the CDT HD-6M DVC. granted these posts were from like 2007. Not sure if they still make these speakers or if there are better ones out there. Can anyone help me on a good pair of 6.5" or 6.75" DVC 4 ohm woofers. They are mounted in the sail pannel location behind both passenger and driver in between the body and the inner body support. i believe i need a woofer that can play in free air, i could be wrong though. i have uploaded a picture of what a speaker mounted in the sail panel looks like in case you are not familiar with a 1998 firebird. as you can see the panel the speaker is mounted to runs all the way to the (left) back of the hatch area and as far as seeing any openings there is not other then the speaker location. yet i do not know if it is completely sealed. or the volume area inside. i highly doubt it is sealed air tight.
i've looked and looked for speakers that can play in free air or close to free air since i believe that's what i need and i can not find anything. any assistance on this would be great. Thank you!! Oh and I would like to NOT cut/mod the pannel to accept an 8" woofer and use factory wiring. but if i have cut/mod i will as last resort. Reason I need woofers in these areas is because I have the monsoon sound system and the amp puts out a low frequency to these wires. and there are 2 sets of wires hence why i need a dual voice coil at 4 ohms each. I would like a high sensitivity level too. as the factory amp doesnt put out a ton of wattage and want to get loud not breath taking pounding obviously haha!!


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those 2 pairs of wire are probably for low and high frequency, at least thats the way all the other monsoon systems ive seen are. you will still get vocals through the low side so a full range woofer may be what you want instead of a subwoofer. I would use convertible components, but I have separated the leads on the speakers terminals and wired them separately that way.

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If you go to this link and to the 2nd posting of whitebird00 to the bold section that says "Replacing the speakers" in the second paragraph you'll read

"However, there are some things to watch out for when shopping for replacement speakers - the sail panel subs get only low-filtered signal from the amp so putting coaxial speakers there will require some rewiring if you want to get anything out of the tweeters. This is usually done by disconnecting the hatch speakers and pulling those wires forward to the sail panels."

I believe him on this because i had purchased the car with co-ax speakers in the sail panel with the wires pulled forward. sounded good. i decided to hook up the sail panel wires and the speakers disapeared with 2 theories, the frequecy is too low for them so they blew with too much power and over exerting the cheap speakers. or they just dont play that low of frequency. either way when hooked back to the hatch full range frequency they came back to life. weird...also the stock speakers were DVC woofers. i highly doubt they would send a high frequency out of their operating range.

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wat donnie is saying is the cut off freq is high enough for the vocals to still come through but yes whitebird is correct (also donnie mentioned thats what he did for his setup)
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