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I have a pair of RE SEx12D4 and a Digital Designs M1c monoblock.

I want to present a 1 ohm load to the amp to get the most out of it, so Im going to wire the subs in parallel. Here is my question:

What is my best wiring option -- wire the voice coils in each sub in paralell and wire subs together in paralell to "one" amp terminal OR wire each sub in paralell for 2 ohms each and connect one sub to each terminal( the amp has two speaker terminals)?

Here is another dumb question: if a monoblock has two speaker terminals like the one I have and both terminals are bridged inside, what will that do to the final load of the subs?

Im still kinda lost there...or am I looking at all this the wrong way?

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you need to parrell the sub then parrell both subs together

that means 2 wires from (+) and 2 wires from (-)
join the (+) to (+) on the and (-) to (-) on sub
then take 1 wire from (+) and (-) on amp and connect
(+) of amp to (+) on sub and (-) of amp to (-) of sub ort=1#

this may help

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You can not go wrong with those connections unless you wire wrong the coils of each sub, positive to positive negative to negative and then to the amp.

Since the terminals of the monoblocks are already connected in parallel inside you dont need to care about nothing but the polarity.

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what kind of load will I end up with if I wire one sub to 2 ohms and connect it to one set of terminals and wire the other sub also to 2 ohms and connect it to the other terminal.

Will this method give me the same final load as if I were to wire the subs in parallel and only use one set of terminals?

I hope this made sense. /:

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1 Ohm will be presented to the amp.. and that makes perfect sense.

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Thanks Joe, I really needed an affirmation on that.

And thanks to all others that helped.

God Bless.
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