2 kicker L7's what amp?


i want to get 2 kicker 15'' L7's for my navi. what Ohm version should i get and what amp would i need to power them. Also i am a newbie and i am wondering if that setup would be bumpin?

Two kicker 15" L7 subs, when installed properly with enough power, can bump the trim off your vehicle.

Which ohm version depends on which amp you want. Get a big amp, a really big amp...actually get two really big amps and put one on each sub if you want to get disturbing the peace tickets. Those subs can handle it.

Talk to your installer and then talk to someone else to make sure he isn't just pushing old stock on you.

p.s. There are at least 5 other threads dealing with this exact question. Please look around to see if your question is answered before asking again!

thanks for your help

jason bishop
A mercury couger took 1st in my local sound comp. with 2 12" kicker L7's and a fosgate 1001.bd amp going to each one. This might just make your car explode tough. Make sure you run a cap with each amp to save your battery and alternator. Kicker techs will be happy to help you.
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