I have a stock cd player and i need to know how to hook up an amp to it


i have a 99 gmc sonoma. and i have an stock cd player in it. I want to hook up an amp to it and i had everything hooked up except the remote wire. I can't figure out where to hook the remote wire to since there is no where to put it on the back of the head unit. if you could help me out it would realy be helpfuly
thank you

you need to hook the remote wire to antenna wire at the back of the headunit if you dont have a remote wire there that will work fine if you hook it up the antenna wire

i have a stock cd player in my car and i was told that it did not have a r.c.a hook up in the back of it so how whould i hook up a amp

i heard something about a high low adapter i cant figure out what thats all about

Most amplifiers will have high inputs. Then all you have to do is connect your speaker wire to it. I've never actually seen a high low adapter but if you can find one that would work to. It would basically take the speaker outputs and turn them into RCA's.

Smoke McPot
i have a 99 buick lesabre with a stock tape deck and i can't figure how to get it out. i was just wandering if anyone could help me?

There are 'hi-low converters' all over the place, about $30 for a decent one. This is important, RCA connections expect 'pre-amp' level inputs. That's equivalent to about 0.5watts so you better use the adapter. If your amp has hi-level inputs you can use those but know that your sound quality will go down the crapper. If you don't have a power antenna lead on your stock head unit (which you should) then you can just use a toggle switch on the dash. Make sure that the switch does not get it's power directly from the battery.. go through the fuse block and find a power source that is hot only in the 'acc/on' positions. Here's one place to get a hi-low converter that also has a low-pass crossover with it: http://www.justamps.com/Eq_Crossovers/eq/leg_lxr1.htm

I have 88 crx i am traing to install an amp to it and i had everything hooked up except the remote wire figure out where to hook the remote wire to since there no remote if you could help me out it would realy be helpfuly
thank you

I was wondering hoe to hook my 6x9's to an amp. Can you use the RCA jacks or do you use the high output?

I have a problem. I don't have rca hookups on the back of my stock cd player, but i do have hi level inputs on the back of the amp. How can i hookup the speakers straight to those.

Ok here's the answer specifically for your vehicle. I've done hundred's of GMC vehicles. Behind your stock radio you have speaker wire, and you must tap into those wires and go to your amp. If your amp has 'hi-level' input, you can go straight to it with speaker wire, if it only has 'low-level' input, you need to buy a converter to change speaker wire to rca. Your wire colors are as follows,
-Twisted together behind the radio- Brown (+ Rear left) Yellow (-Rear left).
Dark blue (+Rear right) Light blue (-Rear right).
Yellow (seperate yellow not twisted to brown) Accessory wire. Use this as remote turn on for your amp.
P.S. If you're amplifier is for anything other than a subwoofer you will not want to use a converter. You will lose sound quality that can become noise in your speakers. Subwoofers will not pick up noise as easily.

i have a fire bird witht eh stock ct player, and i dont know anything about hooking up car audio, so all i know is that i have to hook up the amp to the speakers, and then to the head unit, then to the car battery, but i dont know how to do ANY of that, a BIT of help would be awesome!!

i mean CD player...

If you cant hook up an amp you suck i am 15 and got all of you beet. i got a fosgate power 1000 bd and two 12inch hx2's i bump!!!1

albert greenwood
nathan sux

I have an eclipse stock cd player in my zx2 sport and i have it running to a kenwood 1000w amp and 2 jl audio subs. But i have a problem everything is hooked up perfectly and theres nothing coming out of it? The amp is definatly working because the light comes on and the wirering is right within the subs. Is there a button or something on the back of the cd player or anything else i can try? Ive had four people looking at it and no one can seem to figure out what the problem is. HELP!!!!

i just need a little help on getting power to my amp...i dont know what to get the power from...also, do you have to have the remote wire hooked up too? I have no idea what i am doing. I would apreciate it if someone could tell me how to hook up my amp and possible subs. thank you

How To Hook Up A Cd Player In A 4runner 2000

Ray W
i have a 87 pontiac grand prix and i took the stock tape deck out of it so i could put my new cd deck in. But the stock wiring and hook ups dont match.....what do i do?

Ok heres my question i got a aiwa mp3 player but i cant get the rca jacks to work to my amp can i tap into the speaker wires and convert to rca to run to my amp ? thanks

I'm trying to hook up a pyramid amp to my stock ZX2 head unit. Is that even possible. I would like to keep the original amp hooked up to the back 6 x 9's and have the pyramid amp hooked to a sub. Would I be able to hook the new amp through the stock amp somehow. Any help you can provide is appreciated. thanks

ok i have a 1997 caverlar and i pulled the wires out of the plug and now im trying to put them back in...i just bought an adapter to hook a cd player up but the stock wires will not match so i can't put the wires back in the plug...does anyone know where the stock wires go in the plug...can anyone help me...like i bought the adapter to hook a cd player up and it has purple wires but the stock radio player wires don't have purple so what wires hook to what....thank you

Hey what's everybody i was wrondering if anybody knows how to install a cd player in a 95 mercury mystique, right now i have the stock tape player in there if anybody does any help would be greatly thankful

To: Anonymous Wednesday, May 28, 2003 - 02:17 pm

If your 15 how does your system sound while sitting in your driveway? Punk!

Can anyone tell me what wire to tap into to hook up a remote wire to the back of the HU that doesn't have a preamp output?

Take out the HU and unplug it. Get a voltmeter and attach it to each wire on the harness and see which one has a 12volt current in it. This is your remote wire. Remember to get a current reading the cars ingnition must be on.

I'm also having problems with my remote wire in my 2003 4runner. I detached the head unit and found the antenna wire, tapped into it, and now, I get power only when the radio is on--and not the CD player. What do I do if I still want my amp to only come on with the head unit? Is there another wire that I can use?

Hi I have a 1997 Cutlass Supreme, I have a stock CD player and I want to hook and amp up to it. I was wondering were I could hook my remote wire and im trying to avoid tearing apart my dash to get to the back of the cd player to do it...is there any place i could connect it to?

ok, first of all, dont hook the remote turn on wire from the amp because every time you change to CD mode, it discontinues power from the antenna wire. I would hook it up to your ignition lead (the orange wire from the back of the Head unit) and hook a switch up to it, that way you can also turn it off when your ignition is on but car isnt running. Also, hooking up an amp in a car is actually very simple johnny. Take the black ground wire from the amp and bolt it to your frame, not more than three feet away from the amp. Then run the power (red) wire from the amp to the positive side of the battery. Then hook up the remote wire like i said above. Then run RCA cables from the preamp outputs on the back of your headunit down to the input part of the amp. If you dont have preout wires on the back of your head unit. You could also use the wires from your rear speakers and connect them to the high pass input on the amp. Then simply take the speaker outputs on the amp and connect them to your sub, speakers whatever. Now, your should have your system installed right. I hope this answers a lot of pointless now before they get posted.

Steven Rhodes
My last name is NOT Rhodea :) -------^ (its rhodes.)

How do i go about hooking up 3 subs to one amp?? The subs are 10" type R's and i haven't gotten the amp yet, i'm waiting to see if i can hook the 3 subs up to one amp, and if i can what power amp i should get. HELP!

Instead of running the power line from my amp directly to the battery terimnal, and putting a inline fuse with it,can I just simply splice it into the all time power line that I already have going to my deck?

tommy g
u can always ghetto style it for about 4 dollars or less like mine....hook up a wire to a fuse in the fuse box wrapp it around the metal part of the fuse pop it in the fuse box make sure it has a low number like a 10 or 12 amp wattage and use a test light to find one that turns on with the ignition like the fuse for the radio connect that wire to the remote/yellow wire and wahla..next ? dont do this if u are entering it,it looks kind of ghetto but u can hide the wire..but it works the same and if u just want to bass and impress friends go for it...

tommy g
do it the way i said annoymous or your amps going to be on all the time ...even if u turn off ur radio...u can put a switch if u are lazy and hook it up the way u said but u always have to remember to turn that swith and radio off that is another cheap route running around 3 bucks at radio shack....its easier imo to use the fuse box ghetto style i put above....

tommy g
u are robbing/straining ur amp of some of its power and strainning it when u first turn it on if u dont connect it to the battery.i dont have mine to the battery but u dont have to connect that unless u are entering that baby or want all u can get from that amp.in other words that amp is still going to boom but your amp would rather have that fresh supply straight from the battery.but sometimes that amp cant always get what she wants...lol hell i would hook that up for u in about 5-10 minutes for a 12 pack of bud

tommy g
sorry to overload the posts guys but annoymous thats the way my amp is set...put the red wire like u suggested to the red wire that is hooked to your radio 12 volt supply constantly on...and the yellow to the fuse box the way i described that turns off with the ignition..unless u want to put that big a$$ red street wire all the way to the battery but use the yellow to the fuse box..dont be scared the only thing u might blow is a fuse...

I'm planning on hooking up a model 610 500 watt Rampage. I don't know what size of fuse to place in the inline fuse that's between the amp and battery. I was told I could find the maximum current drawn through that wire in the manual, but I can't. Does anyone know how much current will be drawn through that wire using that amp, and or what size fuse to put in the inline fuse?

tommy g
20-25 is usually a good one since if you go to low you will blew them easily when the amp gets hot....30 is probably the highest u want to go..usually its a good idea to go with what amp you have on the fuse on the amp and go the same or lower not higher on that wire that goes to the battery...good luck..i had a rampage radio that got stolen...it came with the car..not the greatest brand by far but its better than nothing and can get the job done if u have good speakers....but dont expect jl audio type sound out of it

tommy g
if u do go higher just go about 5 amps higher ex:15 on the amp use a 15 or 20 on the battery fuse wire not much higher if u have a problem the amp fuse should break saving the unit...

When dealing with amps, for every speaker hooked up, does it keep splitting the wattage evenly between the speaker. Ex: 1000 watt amp - with one speaker do you have 1000 watts to the sub, then with two subs, the maximum amount of wattage you can have too both is 500, and with 4 subs the wattage to the speakers is 250? Is that right, is that how that works?

tommy g
good ? sounds like u answered your ? with the same answer i would give....becaureful buying products that say 1000 watts...though that sounds way too high...and lots of brands like pryamid overrate their wattage..meanning 1000 is more like 100.u get what u pay for 1000 watts sounds like a 500 dollar amp

I have a 500 watt amp, and I'm wondering what gauge of wire to use for the power line. The maual says not to use anything lighther than 16 gauge. I'm planning on using 10 gauge. Is that heavy enough, or will there be problems?

My amp has 4 channels, but my deck only has one port for the rca cables, plus the BUS port. I would like to use all four chanels, but I can't because theres no place to plug in another set of rca cables. Can I splice into the existing rca cables, so that I could then have four heads going to my amp? What can I do?

before i go and test all of the wires on the back of the stock head unit in my chevy trailblazer, does anybody know what color the ignition wire is. i know how to hook it all up, i just need the color of the wire if anybody knows it. and while we're at it, the colors of the right and left rear speaker wires so i don't have to run them all the way from the doors.

Yo, i have a problem hookin up my amp and subs to a stock deck...i know how to hook it up to a new cd player with a RCA outlet on the back of the cd player and a remote wire...but my stock deck doesnn't have any of those things so i was wondering if anybody could help me and tell me how to hook up my remote wire and RCA cable to a stock deck..i have a 2000 mitsubishi Galant...

easiest answer for all...get an aftermarket head unit

yo you is a biatch...kiss my as* mutha fucka

yo, i hooked up my two 12" subs to my stock stereo with a hlep of some people....thanks to ya'll holla

i have a amp and i need to know where to start as how to i hook it up to the car stero system. i have no cords no nothing just a amp that was giving to me

wut brand of amp is it? is it 1, 2, 4, 5 channels? whats the wattage on the amp? i'll need to know this kind of stuff before i can tell you which amp kit to get.

What is the best way to hook up an Amp to a AM/FM CD Player? Low-Level Imput using the RCA jacks on the Amp and back of the CD Player using an RCA pigtale to connect the two or High-Level Imput connecting the speaker wires from the back of the CD Player to the Amps High-Level Imput speaker wires? I have one last question. My Cd Player only has one set of RCA Output Jacks for the Left and Right Speakers. Can I use the Low-Level RCA connection for my front speakers and use the High-Level speaker wires to connect my rear speakers to the Amp? My Amp Owner's Manual say to "Never Use Both Methods At The Same Time". It obviously means you cannot hook up both the Low-Level RCA Jacks and High-Level speaker wires to the Amp at the same time for the front speakers and rear speakers, but can you use RCA for the front speakers and speaker wire connection for the rear speakers at the same time? Help.........

uhhhh, i dont quite get what you are trying to do...why would you want to hook up both to your amp. all you need is one connection.

how do i hook a v23 407 alpine amp to a stock cd player in a 95 sonoma. theres no place to hook up the two rca wires.

thats a v12 407 alpine amp---sorry

justin johnson
i hooked a new cd player in my truck and the memory dont work. nothing will stayed programmed in the radio. what do i need to do?

justin johnson
i have a 4/3/2 channel power amplifier mrv-f407 that i want to hook up to my stock cd player but theres no outlets on the back of the radio that run to the amp. what do i need to do? Also theres no high or low level inputs on the amp. i rally need help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

think again justin. how can an amp not have any high or low level inputs? first of all, low level inputs are the rca inputs. i'm pretty sure the amp you have has high level inputs but if it doesn't then just get a new cd player. they're not expensive.

justin johnson
so what do i do? do i just plug the rear speaker wires into the rca wires?

ok i bought 2 jl audio subs n i have a rockford fosgate amp its 600watts is that a good combo or do i need more power in my amp n what kind of guage wire should i get 8 or 4

hey anonymous. it's a pretty good combo. 300 watts to each sub will give you some thump. 4 gauge is always better but check to see if your amp accepts 4 gauge.
...and for justin johnson, you can't plug speaker wires into rca wires. it's just not compatible. go to a professional and ask his advice. if you make a wrong connection, you'll end up blowing something out.

i hooked my rear speaker wires into the rca wires so it is possible. it sounds pretty good to. i barely cut it up and it sounds good.
teflondog learn somthing before you go and tell something!!

no it wasn't the rca wires it was in the high level input but some consider it the same.

actually anonymous, the rca wires are not high level inputs. they are low level. hooking up your speaker wires (high level) into your rca's (low level) would blow your amp. you hooked your speaker wires into the high level inputs, which is okay since they're both high level. i don't know who considers rca wires and high level inputs the same, but they are totally wrong.

I have a portable 12 DVD,MP3 player which only
has an audio output of .4 amps/channel
I feel I need an amplifier. Not knowing to much about audio I require some help to allow me achieve a better output. Once I find a amplifier suitable then do I wire it directly to the speakers? Message from Australia

Dominic L.
"If you cant hook up an amp you suck i am 15 and got all of you beet. i got a fosgate power 1000 bd and two 12inch hx2's i bump!!!1"

yah I am pretty sure he is smart enought to hook up an amp..his spelling "beet" is so superb, must be an honor roll student..but I am sure it wouldnt kill my audiobahn set up..and I bet your just another kweer coming in here making up fake sh!t you "WISH" you owned.


i agree dom. the only time that 15 year old gets to bump his system is while he's in the passenger seat. i don't know why people like to show off their dad's system. anyhow, i'd beat his whole set up with just one 10" L7 and a 600.1

Heck yea d0m and teflondog I've got a 12" L7 hooked up to a 1500 watt fosgate and it hits hard.

Umm. does any one know if a 2002 Mustang has pre amp outputs on the back of the cd player?

the only way to find out is to pull the deck out and take a look at the back for any. but i'm sure that the stock receivers in newer cars should have them.

What happens if you hook up RCA cables into the speaker wires? then to the amp?

I have an 99 neon. It has an stock cd player in it. I wont to hook an amp up to it but there is no rca cable hook ups and no remote wire hook ups. I was wondering if there is any way I could still hook my jensen amp up to it? If anyone knows please email me.

i hooked a new poneer cd player in my truck and the memory isn't staying store. every time i cut the switch off everything just goes back to default. how can i fix this?

if it's the pioneer deh-p1500, then you can't fix it. the reason these models are so cheap is because they don't have memory. if it's a different model, then i don't know why it does that because all pioneer cd players except for the 1500 model have memory.

well i had a kenwood that did the same thing but my uncle some how got it working and when i put it back in it did it too so its not the pioneer.

its a deh-11

i need to connect an amp to stock 2003 chevy suburban but it has no rca outputs. can anyone help me out? thanks.

I have an '03 Ford Explorer Sport Trac and need to know how to hook up my amp to my stock cd player. There are 16 wires, but only 4 speakers. 2 rows of 8 wires each and I need to know a way to hook up my Rca from my amp. MUCH MUCH stress caused over this problem. Please help me out!

Terrance Darnell malone
i have an alpine type r competetion 10inch sub in my 2001 f-150 but I get feed back in my sub what could be the problem is it due to the fact that I have it hooked up to the stock stero/cd player please help I have the remote wiring to my fuse box to the windshield wiper fuse is that ok

i have a 99 grand am with 2-1200watt each sony xplod and a 760 amp. for some reason my amp keeps draining my battery and alternator. Y can some one help.

I have a Pyramid CDR39FD cd player that came with the car I just got and I was wondering if anyone knew why the clock kept resetteing to 12 a.m. everytime I start the car. The clock comes on everytime I star the car and the bass, treble, and balance, are set at 0 when I turn on the radio everytime. I know it's not a fuse because the fise that I changed was one for the power mirrors and the radio, but prob for the radio that was originaly with the car. Does anyone know how to fix this so I don't hafta set the clock everytime I start the car?

Hardcore Evan
Hi i'm a dumbass and i know nothing about car audio, please inform me on how to hook up positive and negative wires to my speakers. I have done no homework all i know is i like subs, they look cool and i think that is where the bass comes from, right? i'm just another yupie idiot who wants to learn about car audio but am too dumb to read and learn like the rest of you smart guys did, please help me, please.

Tyler Oberhart
first you need to find your fuse box and find your fus efor the radio then wrap ypur remote wire around it then stick your fuse back in ... If you dont use your remote wire then your amp will be on all of the time unless u hook up a seperate switch.

A smart place to put the remote wire is where the cigarett lighter is. take out the cigaret lighter and attach the remote wire to the wire that connects to the cigarett lighter. that way, the amp turns on when the car is put into ACC/ON possision

How do i take out a delco cd player deck out of my 99 grand prix gt?

hunter lilley
Hey im 15 and just got a celica with cd and tape deck i can get it out fine but i cant find the remote wire and dont no if i have rca hook up or the regular and 1 mroe thing when i hook up my 2 subs will i have to cut power to my 2 back spearks or is there a extra hook up o yea its a 94

hunter lilley
If i can not find a place to connect or if i do not have a remote wire couldent i just yous a on off switch of some sort to manualy turn it on just a thought

Big Steve Needs Some Help
I have a 92 Buick LeSabre and i want to hook up a 500 watt amp and 2 tens to a stock tape player. Is this possible? and if it is how do you do it?????

Its simple.If the amp doesnt have speakel level inputs than you need a line level converter wich turns the speaker outputs into rca type outputs to connect to the amp.You can pick one up at wal-mart for like 15 bucks.

What are the speaker sizes in a 99 suburban (Door Rear) etc.

Do any of you guys know if a pineer DEH-236 has an inline or internal fuse in it?

tony 6 1/2
Mishoulders Inline

ok i really have a problem, i bought a deck from alpine and i need to go to va to get it fixed but i dont have time right now and the guy taht hooked up my sub and amp said i need some kind of converter or something to hook up my stock cd player to my sub and amp. I have a 2000 ford explorer and a kicker amp and kicker sub any answers for me??

How would i hook up a toggle switch to my amp since i don't have a remote to hook up to my amp
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