Need some help with new system


I have a 3000gt and I am planning on getting a whole new system for it. I have spent many hours researching and I need opinions on it. No other message boards respond to me.

For my head unit I want the pioneer AVH-P7500DVD.

For my components I want the Focal 136w or 180w. Which would sound better?

I want to power the components with the soundsteam tarantula TR1600/2 or the Soundstream TR500/4. Is the 1600 overkill? its only 100 more thats why i ask.

For my sub i want the JL 13w7, and the 1600/2 soundstream amp powering it.

Would this be a kick a$$ system? Or would you guys recommend changes? Please help a guy out. :)

So you want a amp thats 400x2 @ 4 ohms to power ur focal 136 or 180's what are u nuts those speakers can only hold 120 watts rms a piece thats not a very wise idea.If I were u I would go with the 180's and the amp I would go with would be the TR500/4 but caution u will have to turn ur gains down as far as the 13w7 goes powered by that 1600/2 amp sounds like a great Idea to me and ur gonna prolly need a better alternator if u have a Mitsubishi 3000GT my brother blew his alternator by just hooking up 2 Kx600.2 kicker amps.
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