Hi, I need to connect to amps to one sub. Now I know how to wire the amps ( power distribution block). But the amps I have are 2 channel and each amp has an input and output for left and right channels. People have told me that I can connect the RCA's from the reciever to the first amps input and connect another set of RCA's from the first amps output to the second amps input and then from their connect the speaker wire, bridged from the second amp to the box. Does this make any sense. If not PLEASE HELP!!!

Cain are not making any sense. You want to drive 1 speaker with 2 amps??

Don't connect two amps to one doesn't work that way. You 'can' connect two amps up to a dual voice coil sub but it's a bad bad bad idea.

Don't do it. Im not sure of all the damage you can do, but it wont be good. It is possible to hook up more than one amp/sub, but certain things need to happen. I don't know how to do it but i think your amp need to have 0-180 phase control, if you know you don't have that, seek no further for help because your screwed.

shouder, the only amps I know of that have 'true 0-180 phase control' is Pyramid....but it's an oxymoron because you're either in phase or out of phase; the middle ground is only theory.

If 180 out of phase is the same as hooking the speaker up backwards (which it is) then what in the heck is 90 out of phase? Theoretically it's a blending of the channels but that's just ridiculous, it's like a partial flat short.

This '0-180 phase control' stuff sounds cool but it's just confusing those who really don't know this stuff.

ive got two 15" subs and two amps one for 2 subs and one for 2 speakers how do i connect up a new amp but keep the other do i need more RCA, how do u connect them and also do u need another lead from battery or fuse??? helpppppppppppp
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