JBL BP600.1


I have two Audiobahn AW1000Q 10" subs. They are 600 watts rms. I was wondering if the JBL BP600.1 would be enough to push these two subs at 1ohm. If not, what else would be good?

Ok JC that amp is not 1 ohm stable so u would screw urself there it is 600x1 @2 ohms so heres what to do.Buy 2 of those Jbl Bp600.1 amps and wire each sub in Parallel to their amps OR just buy one Jbl Bp1200.1 amp and hook both subs up to it.
Here is a website who sells Jbl amps for cheap http://www.ikesound.com/product-product_id/209

Well, I thought that they were only 2ohm stable as well, but I went to the JBL website and looked at the owners manual and it says that they are. I've also found one on ebay that claims to be 1ohm stable. And do you have any other suggestions for a good amp? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.


And here's the link to the owners manual.


actually, the JBL amp is 1 ohm stable, you just get no power gains when the load is at 1 ohm. just to let you know :)

Ok, well, that clears that up. Thanks for the info. Do you have any other suggestions for an amp?

What do you guys think about a Soundstream PIC2.880 for $179 and free shipping?

Go for it Soundstream amps are some of the best on the market
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