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Hey, I'm about to get some subs and audio equipment, probably after I get back from New Zealand in 7 months, and I was wondering about some stuff. Ok first I was thinking about getting probably 2 nice subs, because I am interested in quality and definition (and loudness, but not so much) so I need some help like... what does the amp do? what subs should I get to get quality and loudness but not car shaking loudness just people shaking loudness. Thanks people!

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also I need to know what equipment I need to do all of this and hook it up, and could you give me some good sites to get the equipment. I'm prolly wiling to pay like 300 per sub. but thats a little much.

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read these 1st so u that will understand all the principles : ...

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the equipment selection will depend on your vehicle, budget, location, and what you want from the system.

Typically I'd suggest a decent head unit with a CD player and some form of Aux input (phono or USB, whatever) then a 2 or 4 channel amp for a decent set of component speakers in the doors, as well as a mono amp to drive a sub like the Fi SSD 12" in a ported box. A single SSD 12 should more than meet your needs, fed with about 600-1200 watts RMS.
That, combined with the proper wiring and 'big 3' upgrade noted in the third link above, should do the job.
total budget for gear, maybe $1200-1500 USD

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thanks for all the help you guys. My head hurts from reading for 2 hours and I am still confused about alot, but now at least I understand some of the basics.

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well if you want quality sound but not loud stick with fi like the ssd recommended or you can even get the fi q just 1 12 or 15.
quality for me though is the new jl w3v3 subs. 2 12s would be nice. as long as you stick to around 1000 watts rms you dont need to worry about getting crazy with electrical upgrades like a high output alternator and batteries.
but 1 battery wouldnt hurt
for actaul speakers i say go with components and use a 2 channel amp on them.
all you need is 2 quality speakers, as wierd as it sounds trust me thats all you need, no need for 10 speakers in a car 2 will sound much better.
fi q or 2 jl w3v3s would be about 300 by the way

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believing Fi subs can't get plenty loud is a mistake.
I'd dare say a number of the Fi subs will get quite a bit louder than JL's best W7 13.5, in fact.
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